Adult High School Diploma Program (AHSD) & GED

Adult High School Diploma Program (AHSD)

160 units for graduation, which includes coursework in English, Mathematics, World Geography, Global Affairs, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Economics, Science, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, and Electives.

Core Requirements for AHSD

Student Requirements:

* 18 years of age or older

* Submit a college application for admission

* Submit an official copy of high school transcript

* Attend an orientation

* Take a placement test

* Students enrolled in a regular high school must submit a completed Concurrent Enrollment Form prior to registration.  Forms are available in the Counseling Office in room 105.

* Students under 18 years of age must petition for admission to the Noncredit Division.  A student Petition may be obtained at the counseling Office in room 105.

Graduation Requirements:

Students will be awarded an adult high school diploma upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed course of study (160 credits).  English 40 units, Mathematics (including Algebra A & B) 20 units, World Geography/Global Affairs 10 units, U.S. History 10 units, U.S. Government 5 units, Economics 5 units, Science 20 units, Fine Arts/Foreign Language 10 units, Electives 40 units.

Credits for required courses or for electives may be awarded.  Students must complete a minimum of 20 residency credits to receive a diploma from Pasadena City College.  Please see a counselor.

Responsibility for meeting the requirements and filing a petition for graduation rests with the student. All transcripts of prior high school and/or college work attempted must be on file for the petition to be considered.

GED students requesting to participate in the high school graduation ceremony, must present proof of having passed at least three (3) components of the official GED exam, from an approved California Department of Education GED Testing Center.

GED Program

The GED is the equivalent of a high school diploma for people who did not finish high school. It will prepare you for the five subjects (writing, math, social studies, science, and reading) on the GED test.


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