Community Programs

The Noncredit Division comprises 16 major program areas with an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students each semester. The Division includes noncredit classes or programs that are in the following categories: general studies, technology, business, classes for adults/older adults, Foster Care, Parent Education, Cosmetology, and support services for credit and noncredit students.

The Noncredit Division is very active in the local community and PCC community college district. We service all of the area high schools with our High School Outreach programs held at the center: CAHSEE Preparation program, High School Diploma Program, GED Program, and the Stepping Up Program. We also provide Parenting courses, course for Seniors and Disabled students in a number of off-campus sites. In addition, we provide six different Foster Care programs and touch the lives of Foster Care parents and youth. Since all of our non-credit programs are offered free to our students, it is a treasured benefit to the local community.

Programs Offered


Revised January 5, 2015

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