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Time Management

Before choosing your classes, take a moment to consider the following: How much time will I have to be college student? Being a successful college student requires not only classroom attendance but hours of study outside of class, as well.

Most noncredit high school classes are worth five units, and meet three hours each week. Plan on studying 1 1/2 to 2 hours per week for each hour in class.

If y ou will be working while attending CEC, use the course load schedule below to find the recommended number of units in which to enroll.

Course Load Schedule per Semester

If you work: Enroll in no more than: You will need to study at least:
5-15 hrs/wk 20-25 units (4-5 classes) 24 hrs/wk
20 hrs/wk 15-20 units (3-4 classes) 18 hrs/wk
30 hrs/wk 10-15 units (2-3 classes) 14 hrs/wk
40 hrs/wk 5-10 units (1-2 classes) 9 hrs/wk
40+ hrs/wk 5 units (1 class) 5 hrs/wk

Download a Time Management Planner acrobat icon to help arrange your hours during a regular school week. Consider the following:

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Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

The Pasadena City College Community Education Center seeks to maintain an environment in which there is freedom to learn, and in which there is respect and dignity exercised for all members of the campus community. Sudents are encouraged to develop the capacity for critical judgment while exercising their rights to free inquiry and free speech in a responsible non-violent manner.

Students are expected to respect and obey the College Standards of Student Conduct, and the civil and criminal laws of the city, state, and nation. Violations of such policies and/or laws shall subject the student to legal penalities and/or disciplinary action.

Download the Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures. acrobat icon

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Definition of common college terms. acrobat icon

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