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Sustainability Components

(Baseline LEED Minimum Certification)

Site Sustainability

  • Storm water Management
  • Heat Island Effect

Water Efficiency

  • Water Efficient Landscape
  • Water Use Reduction

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Improved daylighting/reduced power requirements
  • Screen Southern Glazing

Materials & Resources

  • Green Building Materials
  • Recycling

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Improved Ventilation
  • Daylight & Views

Innovation & Design Process

Estimated Points: 29-32


“Direct Measure “P” Project Center and A.C. Martin Partners, Inc., the project architect, to report to the Board of Trustees, no later than the completion of the design developmental stage for the Arts Building, the degree to which – within building programming requirements and budgetary allocations – it is estimated that the project will meet or exceed minimum certification by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for schools. If the project does not yet meet minimum certification, the Project Center is further directed to provide an estimate of the cost to reach the minimum certification requirements, including the estimated cost for application and commissioning for certification by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for schools.”