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Network Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Network Infrastructure Glossary of Terms

During the audit phase of the project Verizon will be conducting a survey to determine the number of wired connections needed to provide data and voice service equivalent to the existing services.  Any requests for additional data and voice service need to be directed to Jack Schulman and the Project Center.  In most cases the survey will take place during normal working hours and should result in minimal to no disruption for faculty and staff.
During the cabling phase of the project Verizon will be installing the cables required to support the new converged data and voice services.  In most cases the cabling will be installed but not made “hot.”  This means that it will not be connected to the new communication switches or jacks in the offices and classrooms yet.  Cabling work will be done during off hours, 10 pm to 6 am.  Please keep in mind that Verizon’s technicians will be pulling cable in the ceilings and down the walls of offices and classrooms. If technicians do not have adequate access they will not able to cable that area.  It is recommended that faculty and staff tidy up their areas and remove fragile items prior to the date scheduled for cabling.
During the data phase of the project Verizon will make the network “hot.”  The recently installed cables will be connected to the new communication switches and jacks in the offices and classrooms.  In most cases, this means your computer will now be using the new network infrastructure.  However, the full benefits of the new infrastructure will not be realized until all phases of the project have been completed.  During this phase voice services will continue to be provided by the existing Ericsson system.
Verizon will follow a “train the trainer” model.  A PCC group will be trained to provide the faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to use the new voice system and a range of new converged services.  The current Pegasus email client will be phased out. It will be replaced by the new converged services of email, voice mail, and fax through MS Outlook.  The possibility of providing calendaring services is also being investigated.  A detailed training schedule is still under development.
During the voice phase of the project Verizon will be placing new IP phones in the offices and classrooms and then connecting them to the new network.  The cutover to the new voice system will be phased.  This means that during the transition the District will have two separate but connected voice systems.  During the transition it will not be possible to use the current four digit extensions to call District numbers.  The possibility of using a simple access code such as *8* and then the four digit extension is being investigated. 
During the wireless phase of the project Verizon will be placing wireless Internet access points (WAP) in all campus buildings and most outdoor venues.  The possibility of using wireless to access District network resources such as MIS is being investigated, but is dependent on the ability to make access robust and secure.

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