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News: The Educational Master Plan and Chancellor'S Student Success Task Force Recommendations

 In December, 2010 the Board of Trustees adopted the college’s Educational Master Plan (EMP).  The document was the result of 18 months of intensive and extensive work completed by our college community and the community-at-large.  The EMP is designed to be our roadmap to the achievement of student success and excellence in the decade ahead.

The EMP sets forth our critical priorities and strategies and provides Student Success Achievement Targets in the areas of degrees, transfers, certificates, and basic skills achievement rates.  The targets become our report card; an annual means of checking our progress towards hitting our goals in regards to the achievement of critical priorities and strategies which lead to the level of degrees, transfers, and certificates conferred we wish to achieve as well as the progress students have made in the areas of basic skills.  These targets will be adjusted annually as we respond to student needs, legislative actions, Board of Governors requests, and other external factors.

In response to legislative action and the desire of the California Community College Board of Governors to have a greater understanding of the services and resources needed to support greater system-wide student success within the 112 California Community Colleges, the Chancellor’s Office created the Student Success Task Force in Fall, 2011.  This Task Force met for approximately 14 months and developed 22 recommendations.

As it turned out, our EMP and our college and greater community were well ahead of the curve.  Not only did we identify just about all of the recommendations established by the Task Force, we have busily been at work since Winter, 2011 making remarkable progress as you will see from the attached document.  PCC continues to be a beacon of leadership and excellence among its community college peers throughout the state and nation.

As we continue our work, adjust our Achievement Targets, and endeavor to accomplish the mission critical priorities and strategies set forth in our EMP, we will strive for excellence.  Excellence which results in the kind of success that assures our students can compete with anyone from around the world in a 21rst century global economy.  Our students will not only be able to get jobs that support themselves and their families in a meaningful and productive manner, but also contribute to what has made our country great.  America is a beacon of freedom and opportunity and PCC students are among those who continue to make America strong and a land where anything imaginable is possible.

In continuing appreciation for all you do for our students, 


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Release Date: 04/29/2012
Contact: Robert B. Miller , Vice President, Educational Services
Phone: (626) 585-7170