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News: College 1 Instutute - a Great Start! a Great Story!

Dean Cynthia Olivo shares this wonderful report on our latest First Year Experience initiative as we continue to complete the goals set-forth in the college's Educational Master Plan.

Cynthia writes:

I just spent the morning at the College 1 Institute with 40 faculty from across disciplines that will be teaching the First Year Experience College 1 Course.  It was incredible, energizing and such an optimistic experience to go from the celebratory culminating event of commencement on Friday to continuing the excitement with this new forward thinking, hope filled initiative on Monday.  This program will lead more students to achieving their goal of graduating and transitioning to university or career and as Dr. Rocha says, “filling the football field…” 

Kudos to Shelagh Rose, Cecile Davis-Anderson, Nikka Hogan and Carrie Starbird who are leading the institute.  They are doing an extraordinary job motivating teachers with a vast amount of experience, drawing from the talent in the room and building upon it to attend to the development of new students.  I observed faculty bridging across disciplines and pedagogy and bonding across goals of addressing social justice issues.  I’m so proud of PCC for this effort.  One outcome is increasing social capital for faculty which will translate to student success.  We will no longer be “Bowling Alone” (Robert Putnam) trying to address these issues—we will be united in this goal of achieving higher student success rates.

The participants and teachers of this interdisciplinary course are:

Rita Gonzales, Performing and Communication Arts
Cheryl Banks-Smith, Performing and Communication Arts
Paul Price, Social Sciences
Christopher Jimenez y west, Social Sciences
Tracy Satchen, Social Sciences
Patti Lynn, Business
Daryl Taylor, Business
Jamal Ashraf, Business
Nikka Hogan, English
Elsie Rivas-Gomez, English
Kirsten Ogden, English
Shelagh Rose, Languages
Russell Frank, Languages
Carol Curtis, Languages
Karen Carlisi, Languages
Lindsey Pilgreen, Languages
Diana Savas, Languages
Sheehan Casey, Counseling
Gena Lopez, Counseling
Harold Martin, Counseling
Cecile Davis Anderson, Counseling
Armia Walker, Counseling
Donna Nordstrom, Math
Sharon Bober, Math
Angela Ceballos, Math
Carrie Starbird, Math
Pearl Ly, Library   
Deborah Bird, E&T
Salomón Dávila, E&T
Rhea Presiado, Natural Science
Dave Douglass, Natural Science
Tito Altamirano, TLC
Brock Klein, Title V HSI


Release Date: 06/18/2012
Contact: Robert B. Miller , Vice President, Educational Services
Phone: (626) 585-7170