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News: Welcome Back and Important Information!

It’s hard to believe, but the summer has flown by and we are back at it!  I am proud to say that the college is ready, willing, and very able to continue its proud tradition of unparalleled quality education and service to the communities we serve...

August 25, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

It’s hard to believe, but the summer has flown by and we are back at it!  I am proud to say that the college is ready, willing, and very able to continue its proud tradition of unparalleled quality education and service to the communities we serve.

Along these lines, I think it is most appropriate for me to begin with some “shout outs” for a job and effort well beyond the call of duty this summer!

Our Facilities staff and managers, Purchasing, Instructional Technology Services, Community Education Center, and the Projects Center teams have worked tirelessly to complete the Science Village (located on Lot 5A on the corner of Bonnie and Delmar) and relocation of the Health Science U-Bldg. programs to the Community Education Center. Words cannot express how grateful the Board of Trustees, Dr. Rocha, and the balance of the college community are to these incredible people who truly live and breathe the words student success!

I would be remiss if I did not specifically mention our Health Sciences and Natural Sciences faculty, staff, and managers whose worlds have been turned upside down but who have also dealt with the moves with professionalism and grace. In particular, our Lab Techs are to be commended!!  The relocation effort was staggering for them.  Sincere thanks to all.

Our Online Education team comprised of Dr. Leslie Tirapelle, Jason Betrue, Dr. Carole Robinson and some incredibly talented support team members have “done the impossible”!  They have successfully completed a full-scale implementation of the college’s new online Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas including training and customized support.  The faculty reviews are in, and they are overwhelmingly positive. This was a faculty-led fast-track process that resulted in the committee selecting Canvas over three other major LMS providers replacing BlackBoard with Canvas.

Amazing work by an amazing team of professionals.

Last week we welcomed just under 1,000 new in-District graduated high school seniors to PCC.  These students participated in a series of “JAMS” – Math, STEM, Design Technology, ESL, Athletics, International, etc. and will participate in a First Year Experience program guaranteeing these students their math, English, a College 1 readiness and experience course, and one other general education course.  The goal – start students right, provide them Education Plans, and help them complete their degree, transfer, or certificate in a timely manner.  This effort has been led by our Teaching and Learning Center team under the direction of Dr. Brock Klein and a number of incredibly dedicated staff and faculty who have been planning throughout 2011/12 this summer’s activity and the various pathways these students will be engaged during their time at PCC.

There are many more shout-outs that I could share, but suffice it to say our college is an amazing place full of amazing, dedicated, highly-engaged and enthusiastic staff, faculty, and managers. YOU are what make this college what it is; YOU are who put the “success” in “student success”!

Some brief practical matters:

Parking – Chief Perez provides the following:

Parking on campus is always a challenge during the first week of the Fall semester as students arrive for the first day of school, to purchase books & supplies, and to try to add classes.  Therefore, we suggest you arrive early for classes this week to give yourself plenty of time to locate a parking space in one of our many student parking lots.

Here are a couple of important tips to help ensure your parking experience is not stressful:

1.  When PCC parking lots are full, you can either park in nearby city lots or at the Community Education Center.  Shuttle service runs continually to and from the main campus and the CEC. But, please be respectful of our neighbors and do not park in residential areas as this generates immediate complaints to our office and harms our relationship with the community.

2.  If you have not already done so, purchase your parking permit online at the PCC website, or alternatively at the front counter of your Campus Police Department in Bldg. 210.  Parking is at a premium on campus so we strictly enforce the requirement to have a parking pass.

3.  Lock your car and keep valuables out of sight. If you bicycle to campus, you must lock your bike to a bicycle rack.  We also strongly recommend you invest in a theft proof kryptonite lock!

4.  Check the PCC website for parking lot maps, permits, and regulations.

5.  In an effort to welcome students to the campus, the college will place a two week moratorium on the issuance of parking tickets.  However, please encourage your students to get parking permits.  Once the two weeks end, our Cadets will be as vigilant as ever.

Welcome Students and Others

As you all know, there will be many first-time students on-campus.  Our student Police Cadets will be actively providing directions to students and others who need a helping hand.  If you see anyone who looks a bit perplexed, please reach out, welcome them to our college, and provide assistance.


Our Facilities staff will be providing extra support to keep our restrooms clean during this busy time.  Since the bathrooms will be used to capacity, please let Facilities know by calling ext. 7277 if an extra service is needed. 

Instructional Technology Services

Our Instructional Technology support team is ready to assist with classroom and administrative support needs.  Should you have need for assistance, please send an email to  An extra effort will be made to respond as quickly as possible to all of your semester “start-up” needs.  Under separate email, Dr. Tirapelle will provide information as to how to quickly secure assistance with any Learning Management System (Canvas) needs you may have.  

OK – that’s enough.  As always, please feel free to call me directly at ext. 7665 or email me at for any assistance you may need.  As some of you know, I have recently been asked to take on the oversight of the Administrative Services team.  This has been both an honor and a privilege – in my over 35 years in higher education, I have rarely had an opportunity to work with such a qualified, dedicated, and decent group of people.  My sincere thanks to all for welcoming me to the Administrative Services team!!

With humble thanks and great respect,


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Release Date: 08/25/2012
Contact: Robert B. Miller , Vice President, Educational Services
Phone: (626) 585-7170