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News: Outstanding Student Employee Award

photo of Nikoas Sanchez-Wong

April 2013, Nikolas Sanchez-Wong

Nikolas Sanchez-Wong started working as a student worker for the ESL Center in fall of 2011. Since then, Nikolas has provided exceptional service in the ESL Center to a diverse group of ESL students, as well ESL tutors, faculty, and co-workers.

Nikolas was recommended by the ESL Center Committee and other ESL tutors. “Originally, Nikolas planned to work for The Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena. After working in the ESL Center for two years, we believe the ESL Center is the perfect place for Nikolas, and he is the right person for the job,” says Freya, the ESL Center clerk. In addition, Professor Michelson states, “Nikolas is very polite, professional, conscientious, and friendly. He is sensitive to the needs of our ESL students, and even though he speaks a little quickly sometimes, it is actually good for our students, because they encounter native speakers on an everyday basis. Unlike most native speakers, he repeats himself patiently with a big smile on his face. It's a pleasure to work with Nikolas, and I look forward to his continued assistance in the ESL Center.”

Nikolas is planning to transfer to CSULB by Spring 2014, where he will major in fashion merchandizing or counseling. Although undecided between these two majors, Nikolas is the type to accomplish his goals once he determines what he wants to do. In his free time, he likes to go to concerts when he can afford it, but he also enjoys watching TV at home.

Due to the outstanding service he has given, it is no surprise that we are very pleased to announce Nikolas Sanchez-Wong as our choice for the Outstanding Student Employee Award. It is our honor to have Mr. Sanchez-Wong as part of our staff in the ESL Center.

Congratulations, Nikolas!

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Release Date: 04/25/2013
Contact: John C. Wood , Director
Phone: (626) 585-7751