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News: Outstanding Student Employee Award

photo of Ashish Hingle

Spring 2014, Ashish Hingle

 (Tribute written by LAC Director John Wood)

We have employed teams of student workers in the Learning Assistance Center for decades.  Hundreds of quality students have contributed to the mission of the center, and every year there are always some stars who emerge.  Even among those stars, Ashish Hingle shines brightly.  Ashish is an immigrant from Botswana, South Africa.  I believe he’s the only student worker we’ve ever hired from that country.  But, that’s not what makes him unique.  His singular brilliance is a product of his intelligence, compassion, selflessness, and distinct sense of humor.

Ashish began working with us in spring 2013.  So, in a little more than one year he has made a profound impact in providing and developing learning support for his peers.  He is a key member of our team of very talented English tutors in the LAC.  He is also a valued member of the ESL Center tutoring team.  He is an excellent student.  As a Computer Information Systems major he has maintained nearly a 4.0 grade point average.  I say “nearly” because he actually got a “B” in one class.  I think this was for the purpose of proving to us that he is merely human.  In his spare time he has volunteered with the International Student Office to help register and provide orientations for students new to the college and the country.  He has been accepted to and will attend Cal Poly Pomona in fall 2014 as a Business and CIS major.

The achievement he might be most remembered for at PCC is his development of the PAWS program.  This is a program new to the college this year.  I worked with a small group of talented tutors to put together PAWS, which stands for Pre-Assessment Workshops and Study Sessions.  The idea is to prepare incoming students to effectively take the placement test that determines which math and English course a student will begin with at PCC.  As this program grew, I needed someone to lead the way in developing the curriculum and scheduling and organizing the workshops.  Ashish stepped up.  He came to my office one day and said he wanted to leave a legacy at PCC and he believed PAWS could be that legacy.  And it has become just that.  He stays in daily contact with me, works independently, and reaches out to the community, as he has built a robust, respected program.  In one year PAWS has served 1,500 students, including 200 international students and 500 district high school students.  As a result of Ashish’s leadership and the success of the program, PAWS has been fully funded for 2014-15.

I have a great deal of respect for Ashish and every confidence that he will be successful and make significant contributions wherever he goes.  I’m also sincerely grateful for what he has done for me, personally, for our center, and for the college.  He describes himself as a “reader, gamer, and thinker.” That tells me that he will never be bored.  It also tells me that we need to be careful around him, so stay on your toes when you see him coming.  One last thing: he likes goats, and I think I know why.  They’re fun-loving and fearless, just like him.

Congratulations, Ashish!

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Release Date: 05/08/2014
Contact: John C. Wood , Director
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