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Student ID and PIN


How much does it cost to attend Pasadena City College?

Fees to attend Pasadena City College are available here:

Estimated costs for attendance can be viewed here:
and you should apply for Financial Aid starting with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

California Community Colleges offer a Board of Governors Fee Waiver. The BOG provides enrollment fee waivers for low income, California residents. BOG Fee waivers are also available to students who, with information from the FAFSA, demonstrate Federal financial need. All students are encouraged to apply. Go to the Financial Aid Website for more information on financial aid programs and scholarships.

When can I apply for the fall or spring semester?

PCC accepts applications for the summer and fall beginning February 28 of each year. Application for spring are accepted beginning October 1 each year. No applications are accepted after fall or spring terms start until the next application period.

Apply as early as possible to get an earlier date to register and get in the classes you want!

Do I have to apply again if I already attended PCC?

You need to reapply only if you missed a fall or spring semester since the time you last took classes.

Do I have to pay to send my application to PCC?

No, submitting your application to PCC is free.

If I did not get an email from PCC after completing my application online, what should I do?

You should hear from PCC within 24 hours of completing your application online. If you did not receive your Admissions Notice email, you can check your email spam folder.

Sometimes we need to spend more time to process an application and we will notify you that your application requires special handling. Usually the special handling will take 5 to 7 days.

If a week has passed and you did not find your Admissions Notice or a notice of Special Handling in your email spam folder, you should call 626-585-7394 or visit the Admissions Office in L113.

I'm currently in High School. Can I take classes at PCC?

Yes. You will apply online and complete paperwork with your school counselor and parents.

Use our "Start Here" steps, selecting I want to take college courses while in high school and you will get the full instructions on how to apply and register. More information is online here:

I was dismissed from PCC in the past. I'm ready to get to work and complete my educational goals. What should I do?

You must submit a petition for reinstatement on a probationary status (pdf)

Readmission of disqualified students is not guaranteed. The student must present positive evidence of a serious intent to succeed and have a realistic goal identified. If the petition is granted, the student will be admitted on progress probation and may have enrollment limitations.

Limits on when you can apply again:

  • First dismissal:
    • You may not attend PCC until after the end of the next full semester, fall or spring, following your dismissal.
  • Second dismissal:
    • You may not attend PCC for one year (two full semesters)
  • Third dismissal:
    • You may not attend classes for five years.

I want to take some classes at PCC while I am attending another college. What should I do?

If you are attending another community college or are in a Bachelors program at a four year school and want to take classes that meet requirements at your current school:

  • consult with the advisors at your current school before you start:
    • get information regarding which PCC classes will transfer
    • identify classes that fulfill the specific requirements of your program
  • PCC transfer classes can meet:
    • lower division general education requirements
    • major prerequisites toward your BA

PCC does not offer upper division courses.


How do I get a parking permit?

Order Parking Permits online through LancerLink

Select the Purchase Parking option. You must pay with credit or debit card.

Purchase Parking Permits on Campus at the 411 Trolley located in the Quad

You will need:

  • A current Student LancerCard ID Must be presented - No Exceptions
  • Exact Cash or Check


What is my registration date?

Your registration date is determined by a variety of factors, including how many units you have already completed or how early you applied and other factors.

New students will receive an Admissions Notice stating your registration date. Keep this and mark your calendar to ensure you register as soon as possible to get access to the most classes, since classes fill quickly.

Continuing students will find your registration date at LancerPoint in registration services. The dates are usually made available for look-up about a month before registration starts.

What is a Waitlist?

Classes that have already registered the approved number of seats available for that class may have number of seats in a waitlist. You may be able to add your name to the class waiting list via LancerPoint online. Waitlist names will be automatically be registered in the course, in the waitlist order, as other students drop or are dropped for not showing up to the first class session. Instructors will provide Add Codes to be used to officially register via LancerPoint online.

At this time, adding your name to the waitlist of a class does not require payment until the waitlist status has switched to registered, either by moving up due to other registered students dropping or by using the Add Code provided by the Instructor.

Student ID and PIN

What is a Student Identification Number (Student ID)?

Your Student ID number is found on your LancerCard.

Example: 6031 7100 0012 3456.

The last eight digits are used to login to Online Services to get to your:

  • Personal Information Updates
  • Goal, Major and Matriculation Information Update
  • Assessment Results
  • Current Semester's Academic Information
  • All previous Semester's Academic Information
  • Enrollment Fee Receipt
  • Enrollment Verification through National Student Clearinghouse
  • PCC Offical Transcript Request

Since your Student ID is confidential, you will see asterisks (*) display as you enter your ID number.


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