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What is this program and who should enroll?

Welcome to PCC's Online Certificate Program in Business Information Technology in which you can earn a certificate in Microcomputer Business Applications by taking courses from your home computer. This program is designed for students who have obligations to work and family that make it impractical to take courses on the PCC campus. This is a 27-unit certificate consisting of 12 courses. Students who have some familiarity with computers and how computers are used to complete tasks in business, or students who have some work experience in business, will be the most likely to benefit from and be successful in this program. If you have decided for personal or professional reasons that you need college-level computer training, this program may be of interest to you. As an online student, we believe you are a serious student who has a desire for success and professional advancement, and perhaps most importantly, to achieve something of significance for yourself. Our standards are high and our courses are rigorous, so your commitment in time and energy is essential and appreciated. If you enroll in this program, we will do everything we can to make your experience at Pasadena City College pleasant, personally satisfying, and professionally rewarding. Questions about the program can be addressed to: Dr. Shelley Gaskin, Associate Professor of Business and Computer Technology

How can I be sure that I am ready for an online course?

If you can answer True to the following statements, you are probably ready for an online course. If you cannot answer True to these statements, consider enrolling in an on-campus course. 1. I have easy access to a computer and to the Internet. 2. My computer has, or I can obtain and install, Windows XP and Office XP. 3. I have a basic understanding of using a computer. 4. I have a basic understanding of loading computer software. 5. I am able to read material from a computer screen. 6. I can learn to do things by reading instructions. 7. I am self-motivated and can set schedules for myself, and stick to them. 8. It is hard for me to attend regular classes at the College.


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