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Who can use the ESL Center?

Currently enrolled ESL students at PCC. You will need your Lancer ID card to swipe in when you enter the ESL Center and swipe out when you leave.

How do I check out a DVD?

Bring the empty DVD case to the front desk with your student ID. You can borrow the DVD for use in the ESL Center for 3 hours. When you are finished, return the DVD in the protective sleeve.

Can I take the DVD's home?

No. They are for viewing at the ESL Center on your own laptop, a check-out laptop, or in the small viewing room. You may borrow one DVD for up to 3 hours.

How can I be a tutor in the ESL Center?

Apply using the online application

Do I need an appointment to see a tutor?

Currently, no appointment is necessary to see a tutor. After you swipe in, find the tutor that you wish to meet with (they wear name tags), and sign in with them if they have a waiting list.

How long can I sit with a tutor and what kind of help will the tutor give me?

Tutoring sessions are 15 minutes long. If you want to meet with the tutor for a longer time, you must put yourself back on the waiting list. The tutors will give you suggestions for improving your grammar and compositions, but they will not proofread your papers and correct your papers for you. They also can answer grammar questions and direct you to ESL Center resources that may help you. Other tutoring activities are to have conversation, work on pronunciation, discuss a film or novel or go over homework. Look at the document 'Tutors responsibilities' and 'Tutee's Responsibilities' for more information.


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