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Hardware and Software


Who can use the ATC?

Students with qualifying disabilities verified by a DSPS teacher specialist are eligible to use the ATC.  Students must have a current student educational contract (SEC).  Faculty and staff who are interested in making their course content or other educational materials more accessible may also use the ATC.

I am in need of academic support. Does the ATC offer tutoring for my classes at PCC?

The ATC is where you can learn to use assistive technology to overcome a disability related functional limitation.  If you are in need of academic support, PCC offers tutoring at the learning assistance center in D300, upstairs from the ATC. 

Tutoring is offered on a walk-in basis for various transfer subjects. Students with declared career and technical majors may receive group tutoring in any of their major-related courses as well as support for most transfer subjects.  The Learning Assistance Center has eight full-time staff and approximately forty student assistants who assist in various shifts throughout the week.

I am in need of a private, less distracting room to study. Where can I go?

D208: A, B, and C, are small private rooms in the ATC.  They are on reserve for assistive technology training and test accommodations.  Please enquire whether any of these rooms are vacant if you wish to use them.  DSP&S also maintains a small assistive technology room in the library, LL214.  It is large enough for 3 students.  To use the room, you must present your current SEC to the circulation desk.

Hardware and Software

How do I get Kurzweil 3000 on my Windows PC for use when I am not on campus?

If you are a Kurzweil 3000® user,  and think you will benefit from using Kurzweil 3000 on your Windows® computer at home, please follow the steps listed below. 

To download Kurzweil version 12:

First check the system requirements to make sure it is compatible with your system by going to

This link.

If you determine your computer is capable of running this version of Kurzweil, select the below link to download the program.

  1. The file is about 2 gb so it may take a while to download depending on your internet connection.  Once the file has downloaded, double click the setup file, choose run, and Install it to your hard drive.
  2. The set up program will run for a while.  When it finishes, the Master instillation dialog will appear.  Choose Install Web Licensing Software and follow any other prompts your computer may give you.
  3. A guest log in account dialog will appear.  PCC does not have any guest users so skip this step and continue with the instillation.  Restart if prompted to do so. 
  4. Once you have restarted, an icon for Kurzweil 3000 will appear on the desktop of your computer.  Double click the icon.  You will be prompted for a user name and a password.  You have installed Kurzweil correctly. 
  5. At this point, you will need to contact me for your username, password, and terms of use.

How do I get Kurzweil 3000 on my Mac for when I am not on campus?

If you are a Kurzweil 3000® user and you think you will benefit from having Kurzweil 3000® on your own Mac ®, please follow the steps listed below to download and install the Kurzweil 3000 web license. 

To download Kurzweil 3000® for Mac

First, check to make sure Kurzweil 3000 is compatible with your Mac by checking The system requirementspage on the Kurzweil website.  If you determine your computer is compatible with Kurzweil 3000 ® you can download the program by selecting the below link.

  1. The file is about 2 gb so it may take a while to download depending on your internet connection.  When it is finished downloading, open Finder and go to the Downloads folder.
  2. Drag the Kurzweil Version 12 .dmg file from the Downloads folder and drop it in the applications folder.  If you like, you can now drag the Kurzweil icon to the dock for easier access.  Kurzweil 3000 ® is now installed on your computer. 
  3. When you open Kurzweil 3000® by clicking the icon, you will be prompted for a username and password.  Contactthe Assistive technology Specialist by e-mail for your log in credentials.  You will need to be connected to the internet to use Kurzweil 3000®. 

How do I check out a device from the ATC?

To check out a device from the Assistive Technology Center, you must have a current student educational contract, SEC, indicating the device to be checked out and have a signed Assistive Technology Loan agreement on file with the assistive technology specialist.  You can download a copy of the AT loan agreement in word format by choosing the link below.  Please download the AT loan agreement to your computer,  fill it out, and return it to the assistive technology specialist. AT Loan Agreement You can either print the form and return it to room D208 or e-mail it to:  Note: all devices are loaned on a first come, first serve, basis.  Completing this form does not guarantee the availability of the device.


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