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Information On Gold Line CLosure

Be advised there has been a major accident on the eastbound side of the 210 freeway which has caused the Gold Line to be closed.  

Release Date: Apr 24, 2014

Calendar Committee Meeting

Pasadena, Calif., - The calendar committee will meet Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 12pm in the 'C' building, room 217.  Members of the public may request the opportunity to address the committee regarding an item on the agenda. Individual speakers are limited to three minutes; total audience participation on any agenda item is limited to fifteen minutes.

Release Date: Apr 23, 2014

Dr. Mark Rocha

President Mark Rocha To Appear on National Webcast Panel on the Challenges Facing Public Education Today

Pasadena, Calif., - Pasadena City College (PCC) in conjunction with the producers of the award winning documentary, “GO PUBLIC: A Day in the Life of an American School District”, is hosting a national webcast on April 30th from 6:00 PM Pacific Time, focusing on the challenges facing public education across the nation.

In studio guests include: Dr. Mark Rocha, Superintendent/President of Pasadena City College, Jon Gundry, Superintendent of the Pasadena Unified School District, William Wong, Gabrielino High SchoolMath Teacher and President of the San Gabriel Teachers Union and Dr. Mikala Rahn, CEO of Learning Works Charter School and a Pasadena Unified School Board Member. 

Release Date: Apr 23, 2014

Michael Wesch

Distinguished Cultural Anthropologist Michael Wesch To Speak At PCC

Pasadena, Calif., - Dubbed "the explainer" by Wired magazine, Michael Wesch, studies the effects of social media and digital technology on global society. His videos on culture, technology, education and information have been viewed by millions, translated in more than 15 languages and are frequently featured at international film festivals and major academic conferences worldwide.

Release Date: Apr 23, 2014

PACCD 2014 Commencement Statement

Pasadena, Calif., – Dr. Anthony R. Fellow, President of the Board of Trustees of the Pasadena City College District, confirmed the invitation extended by the Board of Trustees to Dr. Eric Walsh, the City of Pasadena’s Director of Public Health, as its Spring 2014 commencement speaker. Dr. Fellow noted that a second invitation had unfortunately been extended to another distinguished candidate, movie producer Dustin Lance Black, an alumnus of the college.

Dr. Fellow also announced that a review of the events was ordered by the Board of Trustees because of the serious concerns expressed in public responses to press and Internet reports that an invitation had been made to Mr. Black and then rescinded.

The invitation of Dr. Walsh followed the College’s standing policy and procedure. Board of Trustees Policy 4900 (attached), requires that invitations for commencement speakers are to be approved only by the Board of Trustees and extended only by the college president.  It turned out, however, that a second invitation had been previously offered outside of the traditional channel, to movie producer Dustin Lance Black.  This earlier invitation to Mr. Black was an honest error, but was issued before the Board acted and without the Board’s knowledge.

The results of the review show that Student Trustee Simon Fraser issued an invitation to Mr. Black through Mr. Black’s administrative assistant with the knowledge and concurrence of Dr. Robert H. Bell, Assistant Superintendent and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.  Mr. Black could have reasonably concluded that he had been officially invited to speak.  But at no time did a recommendation to invite Mr. Black ever reach the college president or the Board, nor were the college president and the Board aware that this invitation had been sent to Mr. Black’s assistant. 

Dr. Robert Bell today offered public apologies to the college’s 2014 commencement speaker, Dr. Eric Walsh, to movie producer Dustin Lance Black, who mistakenly received an invitation to speak, and to the constituents of the Pasadena City College District. “Due to errors in following procedure for which I am responsible, we have embarrassed our commencement speaker, Dr. Walsh, by inadvertently involving him in a controversy; we have embarrassed our esteemed alumnus Dustin Lance Black because of an invitation that was mistakenly delivered to his representative, and we owe the public an apology for involving Pasadena City College in a confusing situation that has unfortunately spilled over into public comment on homophobia.”

Board President Dr. Fellow said, “Mr. Black does not deserve this controversy nor does Pasadena City College. Board members are unanimous and clear in their position that details of Mr. Black’s personal life have no place in public discussion, especially if Mr. Black has been the victim of recrimination and revenge.”  Dr. Fellow emphasizes that the Board’s decision was not related to a negative view of Mr. Black, his work or sexual orientation.

A representative of the PCC Board of Trustees was present last November to congratulate Mr. Black on receiving the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Community College League of California.  As in the past Mr. Black has stated his admiration for his alma mater and the college, and the college has always expressed its admiration for Mr. Black, his distinguished professional work and his fight against homophobia in America.  Mr. Black was graduated with honors from Pasadena City College in May 1994 with an Associate of Arts degree.

The Board of Trustees has reached out directly to Mr. Black’s representative.

Release Date: Apr 21, 2014

PACCD Statement: 2014 Commencement

Pasadena, Calif., - Pasadena City College is busy today assembling facts on the chain of events connected with the choice by the College of a commencement speaker.

Release Date: Apr 18, 2014

John Gregory, Peter Castro, and and Wade Winter

Pasadena City College Foundation Hosted 2014 Grants Reception

Pasadena, Calif., - The Pasadena City College Foundation held its 2014 Grants Reception on Friday, April 11th. The event, which was held at the University Club in Pasadena, CA, celebrated the awarding of $59,683 in grant awards for innovation and academic excellence.

“The Grants program of the PCC Foundation is our way of making a positive impact on PCC students directly in the classroom,” said Executive Director of the PCC Foundation, Bobbi Abram. “These grants help support innovative faculty to enhance their teaching and it certainly assists student learning.”

Release Date: Apr 16, 2014

Dr. Eric Walsh

Dr. Eric Walsh Named Pasadena City Colleges' 2014 Commencement Speaker

Pasadena, Calif., - Dr. Eric Walsh will deliver the Commencement address at Pasadena City College on Friday, May 9, 2014, 7pm, at the Jackie Robinson Memorial stadium, President-Superintendent, Mark Rocha announced today. 

Release Date: Apr 15, 2014

Marianne Emma Jeff

Pasadena Event to Inspire Women Everywhere To Tell Their Story "I used to...And Now I..."

Pasadena, Calif., - Marianne Emma Jeff is not what you’d expect her to be. The owner of the Women's Business Momentum Center tried to kill herself twice before she was 19 and was an alcoholic until she turned 40. Now, this smart and professional woman runs a center to help women starting their own businesses.

She always thought her struggle had been unique, until she attended a writer's workshop ran by Lisa Fugard, a celebrated Hay House author. In this workshop people had to complete the sentences: "I used to ..." and "And now I..." After listening to these other women's tales, Marianne realized what a powerful motivational tool such stories would be for the many women in Pasadena who are starting their own businesses.  

Release Date: Apr 15, 2014

Pasadena City College Foundation To Award $59,000 in Grants

Pasadena, CA——Pasadena City College Foundation is hosting its 2014 Grants Reception where it will award over $59,000 in grant awards for innovation and academic excellence. 

Release Date: Apr 11, 2014

Heba Griffiths

PCC Staff Member Heba Griffiths Receives Service Award

Pasadena, Calif., - Heba Griffiths, Interim Associate Dean of Student Life received a service award from the Western Association of Educational Opportunity Personnel (WESTOP) at their March 2014 regional conference in San Diego.  The service award recognizes length of service for educational equity programs.

Release Date: Mar 23, 2014