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Staff Directory

Name & Website Link Title Phone No. Office Email

Acosta, Jorge Armando Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
Aldas, Sara Counselor (626) 585-7683 L104W Email
Alexander, Tameka Monica Counselor (626) 585-7871 L110 Email
Altounji, Myriam Marie Counselor (626) 585-7012 L104B Email
Andersen, Barbara Jill Adjunct Counselor L104 Email
Aragon, James J Counselor (626) 585-7897 L104Q Email
Arana, Ingrid Yanneth Sotelo Counselor L104 Email
Becerra, Maria Santos Counselor (626) 585-7686 L103-E Email
Bellitti, Rosalie Administrative Assistant I (626) 585-7069 L104 Email
Bloodgood, Harry F Counselor (626) 585-7889 L104R Email
Cabrera, Martha CEC Email
Calandra , Carol  Veterans Resource Center  (626) 585-7899 W108 Email
Casey, Sheehan Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
Chang, Yang Shim Adjunct Counselor (626) 585-7895 L104 Email
Cheung, Amy H Counselor (626) 585-7598 L104N Email
Collins, Laney Kathleen Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7951 L104 Email
Davis Anderson, Cecile M Counselor (626) 585-7618 L104E Email
Del Real, Antonio Counselor (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
D'Orange Martin, Patricia D Counselor-Veterans (626) 585-7888 L104P Email
Dorian, Ronny Data Controller II (626) 585-7808 D204 Email
Duran, Armando Counselor (626) 585-7148 L104J Email
Dwyer, Janis S Counselor (626) 585-7890 L104K Email
Fisher, Chelena Lynn Adjunct Counselor L104 Email
Gabrielian, Lorig Adjunct Counselor L103D Email
Gilmore, Timothy L Hourly Counselor Email
Gotschall, Noriko Ishii Adjunct Counselor L104 Email
Ha, Anh Intermediate Clerk II (626) 585-7253 L104 Email
Hong, Nathasha M Intermediate Clerk II (626) 585-3373 D204 Email
Hunter, Tamieka Shannai Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7951 L104 Email
Hupp, Jeffrey J Adjunct Faculty L103D Email
Jarso, Hillina Yeshi Counselor (626) 585-7090 L104X Email
Kaiama, Elizabeth Counselor (626) 585-7086 L104O Email
Lane, Andrea R Counselor (626) 585-7892 Email
Lopez, Gena L Counselor (626) 585-7091 L104V Email
Martinez, Graciela Garcia Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
Martinez, Joseph Edward Counselor (626) 585-7254 L104S Email
Martinez, Nancy Telian Data Controller III (626) 585-3043 L104 Email
McClellan, Michael L Assistant Professor (626) 585-7814 GM112A Email
Medina, Cecilia Dolores Counselor (626) 585-7092 L104H Email
Miles, Michael Wesley Adjunct Counselor Not Available
Nakamatsu, Stacie Y Adjunct Counselor (626) 585-7951 L104 Email
Ogaz, Ana Ramos Professor (626) 585-3042 CC202 Email
Olivo, Cynthia D Assoc VP, Student Services (626) 585-7074 L104T Email
Ramirez-Rivera, Nancy Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
Rice Jr, Eros Phillip Adjunct Counselor (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
Riojas, Tomas S Counselor (626) 585-7440 L104Y Email
Roberson, Rosie M Intermediate Clerk I (626) 585-7281 L104 Email
Rosas, Ivette G Counselor (626) 585-7256 L104G Email
Swain, Katherine Lee Counselor (626) 585-3326 L105 Email
Truong, Lan Counselor (626) 585-7896 L104F Email
Ukita, Traci Yoshiko Adjunct Counselor (626) 585-7251 L104 Email
Vaughn, Wyann Adjunct Counselor (626) 585-7951 L104 Email
Villegas, Rosa Maria Senior Clerk (626) 585-7252 L104 Email
Walker, Armia Chavece Adjunct Faculty (626) 585-7255 L104 Email
Wang, Allen Chun Adjunct Counselor (626) 585-7951 L104 Email
Wiggins, Lynell R Counselor (626) 585-7530 IT200 Email
Williams, Matthew Philip Adjunct Faculty L104 Email
Wong, Reauna S. Senior Clerk (626) 585-3341 D204 Email
Yan, Amy Hong Asst Dir International Stdnts (626) 585-7334 D204 Email
Zuniga, Desiree Counselor L104 Email