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Staff Directory

Name & Website Link Title Phone No. Office Email

Alzaga, Maria Intermediate Clerk III (626) 585-7711 C203 Email
Alzaga, Maria A (626) 585-7711 Not Available
Brown, Anthony B Accountant (626) 585-7453 C203 Email
Cordova Vidrio, Denise Marie Intermediate Account Clerk III (626) 585-7712 C203 Email
Fennessy, Laconia Supervisor Budget Analysis and Forecasting (626) 585-7645 C203 Email
Gutierrez, Cecelia L Intermediate Account Clerk (626) 585-7709 C203 Email
Jaltorossian, Rosette Accountant (626) 585-7708 C203 Email
Khanlary, Anet Intermediate Account Clerk III (626) 585-7717 C203 Email
Krause, Patricia N Intermediate Account Clerk III (626) 585-7714 C203 Email
Liwanag, Narissa Bernardo Intermediate Account Clerk III (626) 585-7713 C203 Email
Mandrafina, Diane Director Fiscal Services (626) 585-7716 C203 Email
Meda-Walker, Sandra Not Available
Norsworthy, Brigitte R Principal Accountant (626) 585-7715 C203 Email
Pastis, Leah Intermediate Clerk II (626) 585-7451 C203 Email
Sciarra, Nancy L Intermediate Account Clerk (626) 585-7713 C203 Email
Tsudama, Geoffrey Hideji Not Available
Weingart, Chedva Controller (626) 585-7454 C203 Email
Whatley, Sharon M Intermediate Account Clerk III (626) 585-7709 C203 Email