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Staff Directory

Name & Website Link Title Phone No. Office Email

Ali, Ibtehal Lola Human Resources Technician I (626) 585-7505 C204 Email
Alonzo, Danny Ariel Human Resources Tech II/Conf (626) 585-7956 C204 Email
Bain, Conna L Benefits Technician (626) 585-7719 C204 Email
Caringella, Graciela Rita HR Technician II (626) 585-7677 C204 Email
Cortez, M Lourdes Human Resources Tech II/Conf (626) 585-7501 C204 Email
Hampton, Terri Lynne Executive Director, Hr (626) 585-7502 C204 Email
Horan Jr., Boyd Human Rsrcs Analyst Conf C204 Email
Juico, Yasmin Human Resources Tech II/Conf (626) 585-7504 C204 Email
Maccanico, Iris Administrative Assist. II C215 Email
Moore, Charlotte Human Resources Analyst/Conf (626) 585-7177 C204 Email
Mosier, Julianna D Supervisor, Human Resources (626) 585-7503 C204 Email
Perez-Frias, Yuribel I HRIS Coordinator (626) 585-7361 C204 Email
Reliford, Jessika Human Rsrcs Analyst Conf C204 Email
Zamora, Cristina Intermediate Clerk II (626) 585-7369 C204 Email