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Patricia Willenborg

Personal Info

Education: A.A. in General Education Studies (2002) from Glendale Community College, B.A. in English literature (2004) and M.A. in English literature (2008) from California State University Los Angeles.

As a lover of words and communication, it is my desire to help others learn to read texts and the world with greater depth and ease. I engage my classes in deciphering and explaining essays and novels, but I also encourage them to use the same critical thinking skills to deconstruct speeches, movies, billboards - you name it! The information and techniques we cover do not stop at the classroom door, but extend into other courses and beyond the campus altogether.

As a product of a local junior college, it is my aim to provide a foundation upon which my students can build their college careers. We are privileged to have such a powerful forum for enrichment and life changes, and I encourage my students to embrace all of the opportunities that go along with simply being students.


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