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Lynell R Wiggins

Personal Info

Lynell grew up in Central Los Angeles with an observant heart and a  questioning eye.  Upon earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master of education in college student affairs, Lynell would use the four-year private and public landscape as his training ground for learning to propel students forward.  While at Occidental College he participated as a qualitative researcher in the Diversity Scorecard Project through the University of Southern California and forever became committed to the idea of increasing equity and excellence on college campuses.  After concluding years of work as a residential and student affairs professional he transitioned to the public two-year setting as an adjunct counselor in 2004.  He has used his first-generation/low-income reality as a periscope for helping students locate obstacles and prepare for life’s challenges as a counseling faculty member, by providing oversight to an African American themed transfer learning community, as a TRIO/Student Support Services counselor, through serving as a CTE Counselor, and by coordinating a student athlete community of over 550 students.  Most recently, he was hired as the Career Tech Counselor, where he helps to build career pathways and forms vital articulation links between Pasadena's secondary and post-secondary districts.