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My Teaching Philosophy

We only have one life to live. The best world has people in it who have had the opportunity to plan this one life, cultivating their best selves, expressing it in their labor and sharing that with others. I know my world can only be a better place if I can help others learn how to plan their best lives.

It is my hope that what I impart to students, what they come away with after my course, is the knowledge of how to make a career decision, how to remain open to new information about themselves and the world of work, and awareness of the attitudes, the soft skills, that are necessary to lead a successful career.

The challenge in doing this work involves not only the provision of career decision making tools with clarity, but also the willingness of the student to proactively research information about themselves and the world of work and to use critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize what they are learning in order to come up with tentative career plans.