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Joe. W. Conner, Ph.D. Professor P.I. Pre-College Science Academy Natural Sciences Division, Science Village 9 Pasadena City College 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91106 626.585.7163 or 626.585.7978 (Fax)

Educational Summary: 1980 Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego, California [Research: Comparative Biochemistry and Inhibitor Purification] 1973 B.S. in Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Teaching: 1993 - in the Natural Sciences Division, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA. I teach General (Biology 11) and Marine Biology (Biology 16). 2011-Present Member External Advisor Board of the "Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigation, C-DEBI (USC, NSF $25 million five-year research grant); 1990-92 Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry Department, School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland at Baltimore. Taught classes in nutrition and biochemistry. Faculty liaison for the annual fundraising campaign and set a pledge record. Coordinated School Christmas Party/International Pot-Lucky.

Activities: In 2012, within 2.5 months his company, JWC Development Systems, helped 30+ colleges/universities locate donors willing and able to contribute $1 billion+ to undergraduate education; in 2013, it has already located donors from State  willing and able to contribute over $30 billion. It is focusing on international exchanges in marine biology with China and workshops for 5th grade African American young men - showing them how much fun it is to have a Ph.D.

My research has involved isolation of a blood factor that inhibits the enzyme Adenylate Kinase in fish. Has mentored students national helping them locate potential advisors in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEM2); Marine Biology Classes conduct a month long "Marine Biology Tour" since 2011 in October using all the library rotunda display cases and a special library created web page focused on the impacts marine science.

Educational Services: 2006- Community Leadership Forum - a quarterly resources panel discussing top issues of today: Nov. 06 - Information Technology: Potential Trends (with Microsoft, Inc.), Mar. 07 Intellectual Property Rights & Identity Theft/Restoration, Jun 07 Computering Power & Program/Computer Games, Sep. 07 Nursing: Pre-requisites, Transfer Options, & Career Trends, Dec. 07 Alternative Fuels 2003- Project 257 - Helping students (16 and older) obtain jobs, paid-internships and scholarships. The opportunities are available in all 50 states and in diverse subjects. 1996-2002- Director, Pre-College Science Academy. Program dedicated to helping students and parents obtain resources to foster literacy in STEM2 disciplines. 1999- 01 Director of the Math and Science Upward Bound Program, funded by the US Department of Education (about $200,000/year). The program continues year round and includes tutorial and counseling support, summer college dorm living experiences, cultural and educational field trips, GIS/GPS work using ARCView, and parent math/science hands-on workshops.

My goal was to help families supplement math and science efforts of the schools. Summer classes include Latin/Greek roots, Music, Cultural Diversity Appreciation, algebra I & II, and much more.] 1998-01 Director of an expansion academy (PSA II) from NASA-PSA was developed for 9-12 graders, it is funded by parents $400/academic year). Enhanced training in GIS/GPS, and Radio Telescopy technologies. 1997 - Sponsor and creator of the International Club of Marine Biology Scholars (purpose: have fun, learn and help others). ICMBS's projects range from maintaining salt water and freshwater aquaria in the library and student center, conference volunteers, to beach clean-ups. Projects take members from Central California to Baja, Mexico. My long-term goal is to develop a national model for a multisensory fun strategy to enrich math and science literacy among pre-college students and their parents. 1996-02 Principal Investigator for the NASA Pre-College Science Academy (NASA-PSA) at PCC. Coordinated administrative pre-college math/science literacy efforts for 50 7-8th grade scholars from the Pasadena Unified School District. NASA-PSA was dedicated to enhancing the math and science literacy of pre-college scholars and their families in the areas of math, science, engineering, and technology: algebra and geometry instruction, assembly of PC computers and electronic kits, DNA extraction, radio telescopy kit assembly and field testing, and more. NASA's Minority University Research and Education Division provided about $100,000 per year to fund our pre-college math/science literacy program. [Pre-College Science Academy was a spin-off of NASA-PSA. Evolves to meet the scholastic and financial needs scholars as they progress up the academic ladder.]

National Math/Science Literacy Effort: STEM2 Puts Parents First 1. National Science Tour: was an annual one-week tour of a major research institution and associated research labs was started with a partnership with the University of Central Florida and the Kennedy Space Center. The 5-year plan includes visits to five different regions. The families of participating scholars raise money for tours. In August, National Science Tour takes 25 7-12th grade scholars and 8 - 10 adult chaperons to top research facilities, e.g. KSC, Fermi Lab, and major universities. In 2003, we visited Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area. [Videos available.] 2. Community: I developed adult and youth training workshops to change the enrichment educational paradigm - to put parents first. Starting in August 2003, had "Resource Forums" to share information on resource available for students. Workshops have been conducted with HUD and private funding, to share GPS, graphing calculator and computer assembly. Future networking expansion plans include adding workshops on watershed & non-point pollution assessment, business planning, learning style assessment, pollution health risks, financial aid & scholarship resources, wellness videos, and parent empowerment. I work with the Lincoln Training Center's annual Affair of the Heart fundraiser (since 2004). 3. Business: I have reactivated a 1980's consulting business to facilitate sharing of national math/science literacy enhancement models, especially for underrepresented groups, homeless support groups, orphanages, and low-income housing complexes. in 2012 -13, I am discussing ways to help SGV business partner with colleges to increase funding for workforce develop.

Presentations 1. I given science presentations in Baltimore, Colorado Springs (USAFA), Plymouth (England), Florida, Long Beach, and West Africa on topics ranging from aquatic toxicology, role play training workshops for minority graduate students and/or Assistant Professors, to pre-college math/science literacy, and new models for query based information management. The desire is to enhance student learning and develop coping skills for success in science, technology, engineering, and math careers through the sharing of enrichment skills and methods. 2. I co-hosted of the Pasadena Community Access Corporation television program "My View". Since 2006 I host "The Conner Bubble" These programs' interview format cover math/science informational topics: e.g. pre-college scholars involvement in NASA-PSA, technology contest winners, diverse (gender & ethnic) career role models, stem cell & cloning, financial aid, workforce development, and post-9/11 encouragement. We highlight businesses and innovations that help reveal the impacts of STEM2 on our economy. 3. I facilitate parent empowerment classes to reminding them that they are the first teachers of their children. Workshops emphasize STEM2 impacts: e.g., "Perception", "Listening/Talking" and "Money 101: Making, Sharing, Protecting, Investing". I have developed a web network of adults and program participants to distribute educational resource called "Web Hounds". 4. Facilitated workshops for parents and other adults on identity theft issues and financial management and retirement options.

Publications Available upon request.

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