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John C Wood

Personal Info

I've been the Director of the Learning Assistance Center at Pasadena City College since 1988. Twice, early in my career, I attended Learning Assistance Professionals Institutes where I made professional contacts and was mentored by the best in our field - Martha Maxwell, Hunter Boylan, Frank Christ, Lucy MacDonald, Elaine Burns - to name a few. I was also a member of the California Tutor Project under the leadership of Ross McDonald who developed the definitive tutor training text - The Master Tutor - based on the project's research. I was a board member for several years with ACTLA (Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance) through which I maintain working relationships with many outstanding colleagues. I was awarded the NationalTutoring Association Lifetime Achievement honor in 2006. In 2002 I developed a tutor training program for PCC which is utilized by tutoring programs from across the campus.  The program is a hybrid model which is continually modified for effectiveness.  We recently have been incorporating best practices encorporated by 3CSN including Reading Apprenticeship and Mindset.  Over 1400 student tutors have been trained through this program which is certified by the NTA.  I especially enjoy working with a team of professionals in our center who creatively and effectively serve over 5,000 students each year.   Our current developments include training programs for mentoring, supplemental learning, ePortfolios, and pre-assessment orientation.  I live by my own motto - "Every situation presents a learning opportunity."