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David Douglass

Personal Info

Dr. Dave grew up in the Pasadena Area, and attended PCC off and on for three years before transferring to UCLA. He received his bachelor's Degree in Geology from UCLA in 1980 and then, after working one summer for the U.S. Geological Survey, he started graduate work at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

In 1984, Dave received his Masters Degree in Geology at Dartmouth, completing a thesis with the exciting title: "Stratigraphy and Paleomagnetics of the Morrison and Cloverly Formations, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming". During that time, he also spent three summers working in Spitsbergen, Norway under a grant from the Polar Programs Division of the National Science Foundation. Some of this work evolved into his Ph.D. thesis which he completed in 1987 titled: "Geology and Paleomagnetics of Three Old Red Sandstone Basins: Spitsbergen, Norway and Scotland". Since graduating from Dartmouth, Dr. Dave has been teaching full time at PCC. During that time, he has taught PCC students in Oxford England and in Costa Rica. In 1993 he received the "Bigg''s Earth Science Teaching Award" from the Geological Society of America, and in 1995 he was the proud recipient of the J. Ray Risser Outstanding Teacher Award at Pasadena City College. Over the years, Dr. D has taught a variety of courses in the Geology Department at PCC, and has team-taught over a dozen Summer Field excursions to the Rocky Mountains, and the Colorado Plateau.

Dr. Dave taught in the Geology Department for 19 years before becoming Dean of the Natural Sciences in January of 2006.


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