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Barbara J Miller

Personal Info

Barbara Miller, PhD in Education has been an active faculty member of Pasadena City College for over thirty-eight years. Aside from teaching both Sociology and Psychology courses, Dr. Miller also serves as the advisor for Alpha Gamma Sigma, the largest club on campus, which has granted her the opportunity to view student initiative toward higher education. She named two scholarships after her parents, both educators in their lifetimes.

Despite being an adept pianist—having played with the Minneapolis Symphony at the age of twelve—Barbara is also an avid sports enthusiast. She was a national champion figure skater and an alternate member of the Olympic team. She has also pair-skated with Dick Button who currently narrates skating championships on television. She has also been an active scuba diver, a sport she holds close to her heart. She has also participated in six marathons and skis every winter at her family home in Deer Valley, Utah.

Barbara labels herself as the “proverbial student,” whose life is a testament to the never-ending process of learning. In spite of her extensive education, she found time to complete mini-law school, which forgoes the bar exam. Moreover, she has been an emergency medical technician for twelve years and keeps her CNA nursing license active, which she considers as an “insurance policy” in case she ever needs to draw from these skills after retirement.

In Spring of 2009, Dr. Miller taught in Oxford, England, STUDY ABROAD program.

As an educator, Barbara wants “every PCC student to consider him/herself lucky to be here. College years are the greatest time of your life, so make the most of them!”