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Time Management

The benefits of a to-do list

When you are busy and have a number of responsibilities, it is very easy to forget things. 

The easiest way to stay organized week by week is to create daily activities lists, that allow you

  • to view all of your responsibilities side by side, and
  • separate work, home and school committments,
  • make tasks easier to remember and feel less overwhelmed.

Example: Daily activities list for a student who works part time and has a child.

School Home Work Calls and emails
Start history research paper Start Timmy's science fair project Order printer cartredges ASAP Email lab partners about study group
Read chapters 2-5 Hem Timmy's soccer uniform before Saturday's game Retype Monday's meeting minutes Email boss about
Finish chemistry worksheet     Call dentist about Timmy's appointment
      Call dog groomer to reschedule appointment
Additional notes:  ***make photocopies of Wednesday's lab for classmate who was absent
Don't forget to buy a gift for the birthday party Timmy is going to next weekend!!!
Take dog to the groomer Tuesday!


You can use the daily activities list to create a task-specific to-do list.


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