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Theatre in Ashland
(Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland)
Summer 2014

Dates: July 7 - July 13, 2014

6 Days/5 Plays


Image of the Elizabethan stage/Allen Pavilion

The Plays:

The 2014 Summer Season promises to be an adventure. These plays reach far and wide, from the streets of Brooklyn to the castles of ancient Britain.  And the emotional scale is just as vast, from the fear of murder to the transformational powers of love and music, to comedy of the Marx Brothers.  These journeys will transport you beyond the everyday to new worlds and perspectives

Image from the play The Tempest

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare

Rough magic and brave new worlds

For 12 years, the exiled Duke Prospero has waited for this moment: Old enemies have sailed too close to his enchanted island, and a mighty storm has forced them ashore. Now it’s time to settle old scores and reclaim his former dukedom for his daughter, Miranda. Aided by supernatural powers, Prospero dispenses justice while overseeing the growing attraction between Miranda and the princely son of one of his foes. In Shakespeare’s romance, sorcery and love transmute vengeance into humility and humanity, making it possible for all to return to a world made new by the power of forgiveness.

Image from the play The Cocoanuts

 The Cocoanuts

by Irving Berlin

Sun, sand and shtick

The service stinks but the gags are four-star in this Marx Brothers romp. Groucho owns a bum hotel in Florida and peddles dubious real estate to gullible Northerners seeking a place in the sun. He’s after a rich society dame, who’s after an eligible match for her daughter, who’s in love with the hotel’s head clerk. Trouble rolls in with the tide when the other Marxes arrive and mama’s eligible match turns out to be anything but. Mark Bedard (Groucho in 2012’s Animal Crackers) will adapt this jazz-age gem with songs by Irving Berlin.

Image from the play Richard the III

Richard III

by William Shakespeare

Bad to the Bone

The king you love to hate returns. Richard III is the cunning royal reprobate so deformed in body and spirit that even his mother rues the day he was born. His path to England’s throne is murderous. He rules with a tyrant’s fist. He’s backstabbing and bloody. Yet he is so mesmerizing that we dare you to look away. Historically, Richard III may not have been such a villain, but where’s the fun in that? Shakespeare’s reworking of history is tragedy at its best—deep, rich and unapologetic.

image from the play Into the Woods

Into the Woods

by Stephen Sondheim

Be careful what you wish for

How far would you go to make your wish come true? Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (of beanstalk fame), and a baker and his wife find out when they take a journey into the woods. It’s a magical, bewildering place full of witches, wolves, giants and mysterious strangers, where familiar fairy tales get tangled up together. Wishes come true here, but at a price. Even storybook characters must face the music, of which there is plenty, in Sondheim and Lapine’s irreverent Tony Award-winner.

Image from the play Family Album

Family Album

by Stew

Does settling down mean selling your soul?

Singer/songwriter Heimvey and his band have been on the road for years, living their middle-aged version of the rock 'n' roll dream. But when they stop to visit old friends -- a former bandmate, along with an ex-girlfriend who has created a new kind of life that blends art and family -- they all begin to question the choices they made. This rollicking, irreverent musical by Stew and Heidi Rodewald, the team behind the Tony Award-winning hit "Passing Strange," takes wicked aim at the tradeoffs and dilemmas facing anyone trying reconcile the dreams of youth with the practical realities of grown-up life.








'From Page to Performance'

will be conducted in the beautiful Renaissance setting of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. This year we will be attending five outstanding plays: The Tempest, The Cocoanuts, Richard III, Into the Woods, and Family Album.

English 35
Major Dramatist
In this course we will view and discuss the four plays by Shakespeare.
1 unit transfer credit

English 135
From Page to Performance is a course in which we view the relationship of the printed text to the stage performance of a variety of plays seen in Ashland.
1 unit non-transfer credit (Credit/no credit grading)

Image of crowd at the festival

Enrollment, Fees, and Registration


$550 (Double/Shared Bath)

$670 (Single Room/Shared Bath)

$885 (Single Room/Private Bath)

Scholarships are available for students: contact the English Division for information.


  • accommodations for six nights
  • all theatre tickets (5 plays)
  • backstage tour
  • discussions with actors and directors
  • lectures by theatre company members
  • Does not include class enrollment fee, meals, transportation, and parking.

Students must enroll in ONE of the following:

English 35 (1 unit of transfer credit/letter grade) or English 135 (1 unit of non-transfer credit).

Returning students who have taken English 35 or 135 more than twice must pay an additional fee of $50 to the Extended Learning Center.  Write a separate check for $50 payable to Pasadena City College; note on memo line: Extended Learning Center.

Orientation meeting is Monday, May 26. 


Make check or money order payable to Pasadena City College.   Mail to Steve Pell, English Division, Pasadena City College, 1570 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA  91106-2003

Brochures are available in the English Department Office C245 or download below.

Open Adobe Acrobat PDF fileBrochure

image of the festival at night

Faculty Biography

Steve Pell teaches English, Linguistics, and English as a Second Language at Pasadena City College, and acting/directing at Los Angeles theatres. He is a professional actor/director and active member of both Actor’s Equity Association and the Screen Actor’s Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) union. Steve has worked in voice-overs, TV, film, stage, and has performed at Kennedy Center. He has taught acting throughout the Hollywood area for many years.

For further information:
please contact:

Steven Pell , (626) 585-3270,

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