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Dr. Brian Kennedy :
Brian Kennedy

Life at the Top: A Weekend with Team Rahal
Grassroots Motorsports, May/June 1999

All But Gone: Tustin Thunder Road Races
Grassroots Motorsports, September/October 1999

One More Chance at Being Old School: The B.F. Goodrich
Trans Am Series

Grassroots Motorsports, Forthcoming

Motorsports Magizine
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Dr. Jill O'Hora :
Jill O'Hora
The Ties That No Longer Bind: Russians and Americans Talk to Each Other
Cross Cultural Publications, Inc., 1996
Ties No Longer Bind book
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Dr. Phil Pastras :
Dead Man Blues Jelly Roll Morton Way Out West
Music of the African Diaspora, 5
The University of California Press., 2001
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Paige Wilson :
Paige Wilson

The Research Sourcebook (1/e)

The Research Sourcebook (2/e)

Fundamentals of Grammar and Writing


The Least You Should Know About English, 7/e, Form A

The Least You Should Know About English, 7/e, Form B

Least to know book
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