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How to access CompClass (Self-paced tutorial from Bedford St. Martins)

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Switching courses in CompClass (Self-paced video tutorial)

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Open Adobe Acrobat PDF fileTaking the CompClass grammar assessment

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Compclass Lessons (Use these only if your Compclass registration has expired)

Week 11 - Beyond EBSCO:

Step 1: Please open and go through the "Beyond EBSCO" tutorial.  Be sure to write answers to the prompts in the tutorial. These prompts are on the last TWO screens of the tutorial.
Step 2:  Complete the journal assignment by pasting in your answers to the six questions on the last two pages of the tutorial. (Since you can't use Compclass, write down your journal answers in an MS Word document)

Most Important: Show a printed copy of your six answers to the tutorial prompts in order to receive credit. Bring your answers back to class next week.
Week 12 - Beyond EBSCO Group Workshops

Week 13 - Integrating Sources at a Higher Level

Step 1:  Complete the "Integrating Sources at a Higher Level" tutorial. The specific instructions about what you need to do are contained within the tutorial. (ask our staff if you need a copy of the Baldwin article)
Step 2: Write a journal about your experience with this lesson. (Journal questions listed below)

Take a few minutes to reflect on this assignment and write a journal that answers the following questions.
1. In the past, how well have you been able to integrate your sources into your writing?
2. Prior to completing this lesson, how much instruction had you received about how to smoothly integrate your words with quotations or paraphrases from outside sources?
3. Describe any difficulties you faced using sources in today's lesson and how you solved them.

Most important: In order to check out, You must print and show the staff the paragraph you wrote and your journal response. Your paragraph must contain at least two separate quotations, summaries, and/or paraphrases. (Use MS Word to complete your tutorial prompts and write your journal)

Week 14 - Integrating Sources at a Higher Level Group Workshop







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