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If you missed the CompClass orientation, here are some resources for you.

Acrobat Reader PDF documentHow to register for CompClass

How to access CompClass (Self-paced tutorial from Bedford St. Martins)

If you selected the wrong section while registering for CompClass, click the link below.

Switching courses in CompClass (Self-paced video tutorial)

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Open Adobe Acrobat PDF fileTaking the CompClass grammar assessment

Open Adobe Acrobat PDF fileHow to use your assessment results and study plan


Acrobat Reader PDF document Frequently Asked Questions


Compclass Lessons (Use these only if your Compclass registration has expired)

Week 11 - Integrating Sources - coming soon

Week 12 - Integrating Sources Group Workshop

Week 13 - Editing and Proofreading

Step 1: Read the transcript from the video, "Why Proofreading Matters,"  or watch the video with a classmate who can log into Compclass
Step 2: Click on the tutorial entitled "Editing Your Own Papers" and follow the instructions. You will (hand) edit a paper.
Step 3: Complete the journal assignment in MS Word or handwrite. (Journal questions below)

Reflect on the editing exercise that you just completed. Then, write a journal and answer the following questions.
1. Did reading your paper "backwards" a few times, looking for one specific writing/grammar problem each time, help you find errors that you had missed before?
2. Is this technique practical, or is it too time-consuming?
3. Do you think that your new awareness of your most common errors will help you while you write your next paper, rather than just helping you edit after you have finished the paper?

Most Important: When you check out,  we will look for corrections that you wrote on your paper. You should use two different colors, indicating that you read through your paper twice, each time looking for a different writing/grammar problem.

Week 14 - Editing and Proofreading Group Workshop