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Prerequisites: Chin 150A, or placement based on the foreign language assessment process.

Course Description:

Further instruction in conversational Chinese for business and travel. Contemporary culture in Chinese-speaking areas. Total of 36 hours lecture.

This course is designed for the people who do not have any previous Mandarin Chinese background and interested in acquiring the basic conversational Chinese for business and travel.. We will practice, discuss, and exchange information together in a simulated Chinese speaking environment. Contemporary culture in Chinese-speaking areas will also be introduced in the class.

Student Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of this course, the student will: >
  1. understand and respond to topics about basic survival needs, minimum courtesy and travel requirements in Mandarin Chinese.
  2. provide and obtain basic personal information to Chinese people.
  3. read simple connected materials for basic survival and social needs.
  4. manage and bargain simple monetary transactions.
  5. demonstrate knowledge on Chinese customs and culture.

Revised June 23, 2011