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Chinese Tea

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Chinese Tea Culture

Experience Peking Duck in Beijing or eat the food of the Ming emperors, explore the world of Chinese cuisine with China Highlights to enjoy the real tastes of China. Join us to experience real Chinese cuisine! Tea culture is an important part of Chinese tradition.

Alongside social development and progress, tea has not only played a role in driving the development of the economy, but has also remained a feature of people’s lives. Moreover, tea drinking has gradually developed into a resplendent tea culture and has become a bright pearl in the social life of Chinese civilization. The practice of tea culture can bring the spirit and wisdom of human beings to a higher plane. Tea has an extremely close relationship to Chinese culture, and its study covers a wide field. It not only embodies the spirit of civilization, but also the spirit of ideological form. There can be no doubt that it has been beneficial in enhancing social accomplishments and the appreciation of art.

Revised June 28, 2011