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The rat is naturally at home in Yin. An individual born during the year of the rat will be endowed with traits characteristic of the animal. If his birth took place at night, he will be adventurous and full of courage. But a rat born during the day may not be so fortunate. Such an individual tends to harbor more fear and feel apprehensive about many things.

As a whole, the rat is temperamental. They may be chatterboxes with a touch of charm. They are tenacious about attaining goals, letting nothing and no one stand in their way.

The life of the rat is divided into three alternating periods. The first phase is blessed with good fortune. Then comes a spell of bad luck, followed by a last period of comfortable living.

A rat will be happiest with a marriage partner who is a monkey, ox or dragon. If such matches are not available, he would still do well with a fellow rat, or a choice snake, tiger, dog or pig. But beware of the horse.



This is when babies need maternal care, the kind given by the cow, which provides tender love to its calf. A cow or ox is born at night will enjoy an easy life. If born in daylight, his life may reflect the hardships of the ox, earning success only through work and determination.

The ox is calm, relaxed, self-assured and may have stubborn tendencies. They are notable, dexterous and occasionally outspoken.

The first phase of an ox's life is marked by happiness. The second part is marred by misfortune caused by emotional difficulties. In the third phase, tranquility is found.

A marriage partner should be selected from the rats, snakes or cocks. A second best choice could be the rabbit, ox, pig, monkey, and dragon. Dogs and horses are not recommended.



The tiger is ferocious. Daybreak is reveille for the tiger. The relentless spirit of the tiger dominates the character of people born in this year, especially those born at night.

Tigers are quick-tempered and sensitive. They are fearless but cautious, sometimes overly hesitant when action is necessary. They are self-determined, often bright and respected by their companions. The respect human life, guarding it against the three traditional disasters: thieves, fire and evil spirits.

The first phase of a tiger's life is sweet. The second phase may bring along problems which can be handled with wisdom. The third phase follows the same routine.

When it comes to marriage, tigers do best with horses, dragons and dogs. Also acceptable in matrimony are rats, rabbits, sheep, pigs, cocks and fellow tigers.



Rabbits are nice to have around. Moderate in their ways, they navigate the middle path in matters of sex, social relationships and work. They are very popular because they do not step on toes. Their mood is tranquil.

Rabbits are considerate of their loved ones, though, like tigers, they tend to avoid close relationships with family. Their equanimity inspires confidence. They are bashful, moody and easily moved to tears. Rabbits can evaluate a situation with keen insight and choose the right time to act.

Rabbits need not concern themselves with phases of their lives. Their entire existence is a continuum of unblemished tranquility.

Rabbits find good marriage partners in the sheep, pig and dog. They should avoid dragons, rats, and cocks.

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Revised June 14, 2011