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Chinese Zodiac, Part 2

Zodiac Signs: Dragon, Snake, Horse and Goat

Chinese Zodiac Signs



The legendary dragon is a versatile master of change. Dragons are objects of veneration. Whether great or small, they are a symbol of blessings. They are considered harbingers of harmony, power and riches, as well as talismans of longevity. As for character, dragons are honorable, brave, healthy, intelligent, and full of vim and vigor, but they may be temperamental and stubborn.

Dragons are susceptible to worry and anxiety. They are compassionate, but consistent with their honesty, they do not buy friends with flattery.

Dragons would do well to marry a snake, cock, monkey or rat. For a second choice, they might consider tigers, sheep, horses and pigs. The rabbit, ox and fellow dragon should be avoided.


The snake tends to be intelligent, wealthy, sensual, handsome (or beautiful) and well groomed. The snake tends to be intelligent, wealthy, sensual, handsome (or beautiful) and well groomed. Snakes may struggle communicating with others. They pursue their goals with singular dedication, and are financially prudent.

A snake seems to fare best with an ox or cock marriage partner. Rabbits, rats, horses, sheep, dogs, dragons and fellow snakes are not bad either.


A horse born in the daytime will be spirited, living an active life full of work. If born at night, the horse's lot will be comfortable and pleasant. Freedom is vital to horse, and they prefer open spaces. Horses are very sociable with a facility for speech. Generally, the horse is calm and collected. They are recognized for their intelligence, good humor and competence.

Horses should not be concerned with difficulties during the first two phases of their lives. The quality of the third phase will more than compensate for their initial tribulations.

A horse should seek a tiger, dog, or sheep for marriage, They may also do well with a dragon, snake, monkey, cock, or pig.


Sheep are paragons of virtue. They are scrupulously honest, calm, compassionate, dedicated, and fashionable. Since they are trustworthy, people trust them with money. Their concern for others could make them gullible. As expected, sheep may be dependent on others.

The first phase of a sheep's life is calm. The second is marked by emotional difficulties. Luck awaits them in the third.

Sheep make excellent spouses. Their temperament is gentle. Sheep match well with a horse, a pig, or a rabbit. Also acceptable are the monkey, cock, snake, dragon, tiger and fellow sheep. They may have problems with a dog or an ox.

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Revised June 13, 2011