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Chinese Zodiac, Part 3

Zodiac Signs: Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

Zodiac Sign



With the monkey, the power of Yin takes over. They are creative and successful in a wide range of endeavors. However, the monkey can be vain, irritable, and lack an ability to pursue their goals with enthusiasm.

A monkey should settle down with a dragon or a rat. When such partners are unobtainable, a sheep, dog or rabbit are good options. They may have problems with snakes, pigs, and tigers.

Rooster Zodiac Sign


The cock is outspoken and energetic. They are clever, opinionated, and suspicious. They are always busy, pursuing many ambitions with passion. Friends find them full of zest and fun.

Cocks born at night are introverts. Their humility makes them easy prey for bullies. On the other hand, those born in the daytime are independent, but may also be diffident and rash.

A cock should marry an ox, snake or dragon. A pig, tiger, monkey, horse or sheep are also passable options. A dog, rat, rabbit, or fellow cock may not be a good choice.



Dogs have a good reputation. They are faithful, honest responsible, trustworthy, righteous and doggedly dedicated to a task. They avoid crowds and do not get along with everyone.

Born during the day, a dog will live in the lap of luxury. One born at night, on the other hand, will need to work especially hard to earn a living.

The best marriage partner for a dog is a rabbit, tiger, or horse. Second best would be a snake, pig, dog, rat, or a monkey. The ox or cock make bad marriage partners.



Though gentle, pigs can be easily provoked. Unlike the cock, a pig stumbles on to complete a project. Pigs conduct themselves in a courteous manner. Pigs are reliable friends when they get over their shyness. They also have a special predilection for learning.

Best marriage prospects for a pig are sheep and rabbits. Also good is a dragon, tiger, cock, dog, horse, ox or rat. A marriage with a monkey or fellow pig may run into problems.

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Revised June 13, 2011