Chinese Language Program

In order to serve the diverse community in the Pasadena District, the Chinese Program at Pasadena City College offers classes that range from Chinese language courses and Chinese cultural courses to courses in Chinese literature. The Program helps students develop communicative skills in the Chinese language and a cosmopolitan knowledge of Chinese culture and literature. Students may also follow a course of study leading to a Chinese major.

Course Highlight

Calligraphy practice-1 Chinese Food-in-class Class Instruction-1 class instruction-3 Eating Chinese-food-in-class Learning clothing More Chinese-food-in-class Practice Calligraphy-2 presentations and-ethnic-costumes Research Presentation speaker at-awards Test taking Work critique

Chnse 150a - Chinese for Business and Travel

Practical conversational Chinese for business and travel. Contemporary culture in Chinese-speaking areas. Total of 36 hours lecture.
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Culture Highlight

Chinese Customs & Festivals

Yuanxiao or "Lantern Festival", celebrated on the 15th Day of the 1st Lunar Month, marks the end of the Spring Festival. The Chinese people sometimes call it the Yuanxiao Festival because they like to eat small round dumplings of sticky rice containing sweet fillings. (Literally "yuan" means "round one"; xiao means "overnight".)
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