Chinese Language Program

In order to serve the diverse community in the Pasadena District, the Chinese Program at Pasadena City College offers classes that range from Chinese language courses and Chinese cultural courses to courses in Chinese literature. The Program helps students develop communicative skills in the Chinese language and a cosmopolitan knowledge of Chinese culture and literature. Students may also follow a course of study leading to a Chinese major.

Course Highlight

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Chnse 3 - Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin)

Grammar; oral and written composition; reading of intermediate texts, including those on Chinese history, geography and culture. Total of 90 hours lecture.
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Culture Highlight

Chinese Culture

The culture of China is both wondrous and awe-inspiring. With a five-thousand year history, it remains the only continuous ancient civilization while others have changed, discontinued, withered, or perished. Why is it so enduring? Why is it so coherent, remaining undivided? Why is it so dynamic, always being able to revive, regenerate, and revitalize itself? Why is it, then, that an immortal phoenix is able to rise again from its own ashes? These are enduring questions, the answers to which cannot be fully understood. These questions will always stimulate intellectual conversation, provoke interest, and engage investigation.
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