Chinese Language Program

In order to serve the diverse community in the Pasadena District, the Chinese Program at Pasadena City College offers classes that range from Chinese language courses and Chinese cultural courses to courses in Chinese literature. The Program helps students develop communicative skills in the Chinese language and a cosmopolitan knowledge of Chinese culture and literature. Students may also follow a course of study leading to a Chinese major.

Course Highlight

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Chnse 4 - Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin)

Continuation of grammar, oral and written composition; reading of texts of moderate difficulty, including modern Chinese literature. Total of 90 hours lecture.
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Culture Highlight

Traditional Art

China's traditional arts make up a great part of the country's rich heritage. Since ancient times, Chinese society has cherished excellence in its arts. Over centuries, Chinese arts have developed their own unique styles and forms. Singing, sculpture, calligraphy, painting, seal engraving are only some of the most prominent expressions of Chinese traditional arts.
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Revised June 23, 2011