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Welcome to ESL 403 (ESL 122 lab)

Please check Canvas for ESL 403 contents for Fall 2015!

Introduction to ESL 403

  1. Week 1 Orientation - Spring 2015 (.ppt)
  2. Week 2 Orientation - Spring 2015 (.ppt)
  3. 403 Self-Editing Worksheet - Spring 2015 (.pdf)

Documents to print for the class

  • ESL403 - syllabus - Spring 2015 (.pdf
  • Homework - Week 2 Orientation - Spring 2015 (.pdf)

Assignment Sheets

If you lose your assignment sheet, you need to talk to your professor. You will also lose the time stamps, signatures, and any points already received.

Workshop materials

1. Workshop 1 - Formatting Paragraph (.ppt

2. A poorly formatted paragraph to fix

Portfolio Grade Sheets


Final Exam:

ESL 403 meets during finals week at the regularly scheduled class hour, but students will not take a final exam. Instead, students will turn in their portfolios at the end of the semester. The Portfolio Gradesheet must be followed and filled out and will be collected in class.

If a student has a final exam time conflict with another class, please tell your ESL 403 professor the week before final exams and show the professor a current or recent print-out of your class schedule. The student will be excused from ESL 403’s final exam day, but s/he needs to drop off the completed portfolio to C-247 BEFORE the scheduled ESL 403 final day.


Paragraph assignments

Remember to brainstorm on another sheet of paper for at least 5 minutes.

Paragraph format and content:

EVERY paragraph (NOT essay) that you write in ESL 403 needs:

  • a title
  • a topic sentence with a controlling idea, underlined
  • coherence and logical order of ideas
  • well-developed supporting sentences with plenty of details and/or personal examples
  • unity (all sentences support the topic sentence)
  • transition words, underlined
  • a concluding sentence, underlined
  • around 200 words

EVERY paragraph needs to follow this format:

  • Title with important words capitalized
  • Double-spaced
  • Heading (with name, class, date AND paragraph number)
  • 1-inch margins all around
  • Size 12 font
  • One indented paragraph

EVERY paragraph packet needs:

  • Brainstorming (handwritten)
  • First draft (hand-written or typed; ESL Center stamped)
  • Final draft (typed)
  • Self-editing worksheet

Exercise Central assignments

Website: Excercise Central (you will need your Exercise Central login to access the exercises).

  •        Exercises are written on the white board