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Biological Technology

Biological Technology Certificate Program
at Pasadena City College

Biotech Lab Skills Courses

Biology 102A - General Lab Skills

  • Validation, calibration and measurement formats
  • Use of top-loading balances, analytical balances and double pan balances
  • Use of pipettors, micropipettors
  • Making solutions (molarity, percent )
  • pH techniques and production of buffers
  • Use of microfuges and clinical centrifuges
  • Sterile technique and media production
  • Use of autoclaves and inoculation techniques: streaks and swabs
  • Growth curves (mid-log phase and overnight cultures), use of shaker incubator
  • Use of microscopes and photography using the microscope
  • Use of digital camera for documentation
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer for cell counts, absorption spectra and standard curves
  • Storage and inventory protocols (-80oC, -20 oC, 4 oC, RT)
  • QA and QC general strategies
  • Genomic DNA Extraction
  • Horizontal gel electrophoresis, ethidium bromide staining and gel documentation
  • Restriction digests, ligations, transformations, selective media and plasmid minipreps
  • Laminar flow hood protocols
  • Hazardous material storage, fume hoods, MSDS sheets and Internet MSDS
  • Production of a skills-based resume
  • Production of proper lab notebook documentation (Excel, digital images, etc)

Biology 102B - Advanced DNA and Protein Techniques

  • Production and analysis of Southern blots, PAGE gels, Western blots.
  • Column chromatography (affinity, ion-exchange, gel filtration).
  • PCR, DNA sequencing, ELISA
  • Use of NCBI Databases

Biology 102C - Cell Culture Techniques

  • Animal cell culture, immunostaining, digital analysis, poster session

Biology 102D

Prerequisite - Biology 102B or Biology 102C
Work experience in industrial situation appropriate to students experience in Biology 102B and/or Biology 102C.

Biology 38 - Cell & Molecular Biology

Stem cell culture

Staining techniques