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red arch Field trip courses are an integral part of the PCC geology program.The following is a sampling of field trip destinations and topics emphasized for the last few years:

  • Northern Colorado Plateau (Mesozoic-Cenozoic stratigraphy)
  • Central Rockies (Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho)
  • Santa Cruz Island (evolution of California coastal geology)
  • Owens Valley (volcanic and glacial geomorphology)
  • Klamath Mountains (plate boundary study)
  • Northern Transverse Ranges (from subduction to transform boundary)
  • Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River by backpack (Sierra Nevada Batholith)
  • Rainbow Basin (introduction to mapping)
  • White-Inyo Mountains (introduction to mapping)
  • Southern Orange County and San Diego (coastal oceanography)
  • San Andreas Fault from Palmdale to Wrightwood (overview of fault history)
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula (Cenozoic evolution and beach processes)
  • San Gabriel Mountains (an overview of the history of the range)
  • Geology of the Pasadena area (geologic features in an urban setting)
  • Death Valley (basin and range structure and stratigraphy)
  • Costa Rica (volcanoes, rainforests and active plate margins)
  • Baja California (biology and geology)
  • Project Pele (study of geology and ecology of Hawaiian Islands)
  • Mojave Desert (stratigraphy and volcanic features of the region)
  • Mt. Wilson Observatory (stargazing overnight)
  • Carrizo Plain (study of the San Andreas and related geomorphology)
instructor in lava rainbow falls
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