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Natural Sciences Study Tech Lab

Natural Sciences Study Tech Lab

Welcome to PCC's Natural Sciences Study Tech Lab. We are a study center focused on serving the students and supporting the faculty. Now located in SV24, we have many resources available, such as tutoring, textbooks and the internet, to enrich the academic activities of students.

We also provide a link between faculty and students which enables the students to obtain materials not accessible in a lecture setting. These resources include interactive computer programs, lecture notes, sample exams, videos and much more. The best way to learn science is to examine those difficult-to-grasp ideas using as many tools as possible. Our goal is to provide this kind of setting for our students.

Here is what one student thinks of the Study Tech Lab-

"Speaking from a non-majors Biology student, the Study Tech Lab has helped me out tremendously! With the help of computer access and study materials, I was able to move my test grades from a C- to an A, and become excited about learning Biology. So I recommend coming in and checking it out!" - Cynthia Cagle (European History Major)