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Microbiology Links

  • Bacterial Pathogens Images Gallery - Excellent links to images of gram positive, gram negative and other bacteria.
  • Microbe World- A few images and good descriptions of the different types of microbes
  • Medical Microbiology Online Textbook- Excellent resource covering bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites
  • Images of protists
  • Microbiology 101/102 home page - An online course, the purpose is to enlighten non-science students to the wonders of the unseen microbial world that flourishes in and around us.
  • Microbiology Lab Image Archive - San Francisco General Hospital
  • Acid Fast Microscopy - The New Mexico Scientific Laboratory
  • Histotechnology, Technical Methods, Stain for AFB - University of Nottingham Medical School
  • Mycobacterium - University of Tennessee, Memphis
  • Mycobacteria - CDC Wonder (Public Health Information System)
  • Picture It -- Diversity of Life - Picture It Life Forms Links to images of viruses, microbes, plants, animals and other life forms.

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