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Natural Sciences Study Tech Lab

General Resources

Tutoring: We have Instructional Aides (IA's) and student tutors capable of tutoring life science courses.

Computers: Pentium III PCs with Internet Connections/ CD Drives/ Zip Drives; 1 iMac

CD's/Software: for Mac/PCs are listed on the following pages by topic

Models: Keys are available for most models

Laserdisk: used for viewing histology tissues

Microscopes/Slides: We have 8 microscopes for student use. There are slides for anatomy and physiology classes. Sometimes instructors place other slides in here for additional help for their students.

VCR/Videos: We have about 200 videos covering various topics about Animals, Ecology/Environment, Human Body, Medical Field and Diseases, Molecular and Cellular Biology, the Earth, Plants, and Biodiversity. There are three lists arranging the videos by subject, by number and by title to help you find the right one.

Books: Many resource books are available for student use. There are books in various subjects including: Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, Introductory and Intermediate Biology, Microbiology and others. Other books are placed here by instructors for student use.

Sample Exams: Some instructors place sample exams here for students.

Bacterial Flowcharts: For microbiology students identifying their unknown bacteria

Lab Book Answer Keys: usually for anatomy/ physiology/ microbiology students