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Microbiology 2

Type of Resource
Check-out Protocol
Resource #
Chess   Bacterial Flowcharts Also available in STL for photocopying  
Chess Sample Exam First Lecture Exam with Answers (sample) Also available in STL for photocopying Chess #1
Chess Sample Exam Second Lecture Exam with Answers (sample) Also available in STL for photocopying Chess #2
Chess Lab Report Unknown Report Sample STL only Chess #3
Chess Atlas Photographic Atlas for Micro Lab STL only Chess #4
Chess Bergey's Manual 8th Edition/Hard Cover STL only Chess #6
Chess CD-Rom DNA -> Proteins STL only Chess #7
Chess Answer Key Genetics Problems Answer Key 1 hour for photocopy  
Talaro Lab Report Microbiology Unknowns STL only Talaro #1
Talaro Lab Report Sample Unknown Report STL only Talaro #2
Talaro Study Guide to accompany "Foundations in Microbiology" text 1 hour for photocopy (9/26/01)
Talaro Answer Key First Lecture Exam Self-Test answers 1 hour for photocopy (9/26/01)

Bacterial Flowcharts

Group 1
(Bacillus/ Sporolactobacillus / Clostridium)
Group 2
(Mycobacterium )
Group 3
(Lactobacillus / Kurthia / Listeria)
Group 4
(Corynebacterium / Propionibacterium)
Group 5
Group 6
(Micrococcus/ Planococcus/ Staphylococcus)
Group 7
Group 8
(Xanthomonas/ Psuedomonas/ Alcaligenes)
Group 9
(Citrobacter/ Enterobacter/ Salmonella/ Providencia/ Erwina/ Escherichia/ Proteus/ Morganella)
Group 10
(Shigella/ Klebsiella)
Group 11
(Neisseria/ Branhamella/ Moraxella/ Veillonella)

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