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CD-Roms (All of these CD-Roms don't need to be installed to run.)

Interactive study Partner - From textbook "Biology: Concepts and Connections" 3rd Edition: excellent presentations on all topics of biology with narration, interactive activities, quality animations and quizzes.

Life 5.0 - (#80) Interactive CD-Rom; No narration; some low quality animations.

Molecular Cell Biology - (#67) Mainly the text and figures of the textbook. Some good videos about mitosis and some good animations about molecular biology techniques (gels, PCR, etc.). No narration except in the videos and animations.

Bio XL Plus - (#27) Very good quizzes for all areas of biology. Animations have no narration and are not very useful. Runs from CD-Rom.

Interactive Concepts in Biology - (#41) No animations just text and figures.

Interactive Study Guide - (#43) Covers most topics for general biology. Some lower quality animations with narration. Good for cell chemistry.


Cell Division Links page


Video #
169 Meiosis: The Key to Genetic Diversity Covers the need for meiosis in sex cells, the stages of meiosis, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, and genetic diversity. 25 Human Relations Media/1991
172 Mitosis Covers the different stages of mitosis (with moderately well done animations) and cloning of plants 14 Britannica/1980



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