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Genetics and Molecular Biology

CD-Roms (All of these CD-Roms don't need to be installed to run.)

Interactive study Partner - From textbook "Biology: Concepts and Connections" 3rd Edition: excellent presentations on all topics of biology with narration, interactive activities, quality animations and quizzes.

From DNA to Protein - (In CD drawer) Describes the discovery of how genes form proteins and shows the process of transcription and translation. Good animations and narration (although narrator has strange voice).

Life 5.0 - (#80) Interactive CD-Rom; No narration; some low quality animations.

Molecular Cell Biology - (#67) Mainly the text and figures of the textbook. Some good videos about mitosis and some good animations about molecular biology techniques (gels, PCR, etc.). No narration except in the videos and animations.

Bio XL Plus - (#27) Very good quizzes for all areas of biology. Animations have no narration and are not very useful. Runs from CD-Rom.

Interactive Concepts in Biology - (#41) No animations just text and figures.

Interactive Study Guide - (#43) Covers most topics for general biology. Some lower quality animations with narration. Good for cell chemistry.

Explorations in Cell Bio & Genetics - (#34) Experiments that can be manipulated to see the results (glycolysis, gene mapping, photosynthesis, lac operon and more.)

G-Netix - (#63) Bioengineering simulator.


Molecular and Cellular Biology Links page


Video #
112 Techniques for the Teaching Laboratory Vol. 1: Rapid Colony Transformation Basic step-by-step procedures of how to prepare for and perform a rapid method to render bacterial cells "competent" to uptake plasmid DNA. 30 DNA Learning Center/1991
113 Technique for the Teaching Laboratory Vol. 2: DNA Restriction Analysis Very basic introduction for the experimental procedures of a DNA restriction analysis. 30 DNA Learning Center/1991
116 Extraction of DNA from Cells Experimental procedures for extracting DNA from liver cells. 15 Films for the Humanities and Sciences/1992
119 Gel Electrophoresis Making an agarose gel; concepts of gel electrophoresis; and gel illumination 15 Films for the Humanities and Sciences/1992
120 Genetic Engineering: Prospects for the Future Pt. 1: The New Era of Biotechnology - good basic introduction to DNA, protein formation, DNA recombination. Pt. 2: Putting Microbes to Work - previous and future projects of bioengineering (very outdated). Pt. 3: The Promise and Danger of Genetic Engineering. 60 Human Relations Media/1981
121 Genetic Fingerprinting Excellent description of how a DNA fingerprint is made and the various practical uses of them. 20 Britannica/1991
124 DNA in Practice: Hybridization Experimental procedures for hybridizing a radioactive probe to DNA. 15 Films for the Humanities and Sciences/1992
125 Experiment Biology: Inheritance in a Fungus Experimental techniques involved in the genetic analysis of an acrospore color mutant in Sordaria. 15 Films for the Humanities and Sciences/1987
152 Introducing Biology - Basic Genetics Very outdated. Cartoons are very poor. Good coverage of Mendel's experiments/Punnett squares. 30 Introducing Biology Series
153 Introducing Biology - DNA and Genes Very outdated. Cartoons are very poor. Good coverage genetic code. 30 Introducing Biology Series
191 DNA in Practice: Southern Blotting Experimental procedures for Southern blotting. 15 Films for the Humanities and Sciences/1992
217 Translating the Code: Protein Synthesis Good coverage of transcription and translation. Excellent description of the broader understanding of the central dogma (DNA -> RNA -> Protein) including jumping genes, RNA splicing and retroviruses. 25 Human Relations Media/1991



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