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Music Lab and Library

The Music Lab/Library provides effective academic and practical support for all PCC music students. Numerous resources and services aid student learning and skill development and increase student success. The Music Lab/Library is located in the CA building on the eastern side of the campus. The Music Lab/Library consists of a main lab area in the basement, CA002, which houses the library and audio/visual equipment. There are 22 practice rooms, 2 combo practice rooms and one media study room.

Full time personnel include:
Lab Coordinator: Zac Matthews, 626-585-7590, Email:
Instructors: Brad Steed, 626-585-3139, Email:
Music Lab Technician: Eric Herdan Email:
Part time Instructors: Joe Klice, Geoff Dunbar, Ray Yslas

Part time Library Instructors: Frank Hoppe, Pam Richards

Music Lab/Library (626) 585 7589
Music Lab Technician (626) 585 7366


The Lab/Library hours are limited and vary during the intersessions, and depend on course offerings. Call for current information.


An extensive score library compliments the CD, DVD and Video holdings, which can be accessed using the Library Online Catalog. The collection is focused on Western European music but increasingly includes jazz and world music titles. Instructors' reserved materials, reference sources such as music dictionaries and encyclopedias, and many current music text books are also available. Any computer on the internet can accesses both the music library and the Shatford Library collections, including links to the Classical Music Library, which has more than 40,000 recordings available for streaming to any PCC student or staff.


Materials and practice rooms are circulated using the library circulation system and are subject to the following provisions:



The Music Lab has twenty-five practice spaces. Nine rooms have upright pianos, five have grand pianos,four have drum sets and one has percussion instruments. The percussion and drum set rooms are restricted to students in those programs. The listening area has networked computers that can play CD's and VHS and DVD players. The computers have music fundamentals, music theory, ear training and digital editing software. Five computers have Finale notation software. A variety of equipment is available for checkout, including metronomes, amps, microphones, percussion instruments and iPOD players.


TUTORING - Piano, theory and tutoring is available to students enrolled in one of the appropriate classes. Tutoring is either provided by a trained student tutor or a faculty member.

MUSIC ADVISEMENT - A student may consult any Lab Instructor for assistance in selecting music courses, help in deciding on a transfer school, or defining and refining educational goals.

LOCKERS - Lockers may be issued to music majors, as available, beginning the first week of the semester. Non majors can obtain a locker, as available, beginning the second or third week.

INSTRUMENT LOAN - Some instruments are available for use in ensembles or techniques classes. The class instructor authorizes the student to use the instrument for a semester by giving the student a card. The student takes the card to Student Business Services, pays the fee ($40), and brings the card and the receipt to Eric Herdan (Lab technician) in CA002C, who issues the instrument.



  • Students should properly clock in at the Attendance Computer when they arrive and clock out when they leave every time they use the Lab to ensure they are credited for the time spent.
  • The computer will not allow students to clock in or receive Lab credit at a time they are scheduled to be in a class, even if the class has been canceled or the teacher has directed the student to use the Lab during this time. This is because the student is getting State credit for being in class and the State will not give credit for being in the Lab at the same time.
  • Only current Pasadena City College students are authorized to use the Music Lab. A current school ID is required. The ID card is available from the campus police in B210.
  • Computer, audio, and video stations and carrels are available on a first come basis. If all stations are being used, students may be asked to yield their station after one hour.
  • CA001B is a special, multiple use room. Priority is given to tutors, music majors (especially students needing the Finale notation program or Pro Tools) and music history students doing group projects.
  • The MIDI/digital audio rooms and work stations are restricted to students in those classes.

Practice Rooms - Usage

  • Practice rooms are circulated just like all Library items. Students check out the room key which unlocks the practice room. Students will be asked to surrender any room not checked out properly.
  • Students may reserve rooms and times for the semester during the third week. Fill out "The Blue Sheet", available in the Music Lab, and follow the instructions. Reservations are in effect beginning the fourth week through the fifteenth week.
  • Rooms can be reserved on a daily basis as well. The reservation sheets are posted at the circulation desk. A daily waiting list is provided. Rooms not claimed by 5 minutes after the hour are given out based on the waiting list order.

Practice Rooms - Policies

  • Students are expected to practice the entire time the room is checked out to them. If it is necessary to leave for any length of time, the room key must be returned.
  • No food, drink, or socializing is allowed in the practice rooms.


The music lab and practice rooms are provided for the study of music. When using the lab area, students are expected respect the right of others to have a quiet study area and uninterrupted practice time. Loud, boisterous or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Food or beverages are never allowed in the Lab or practice rooms.

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