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Child Development Center

How to Become A CDWFI Member

Steps for becoming a member of the PCC CDWFI program:

chldren playing 1. Complete the CDWFI Interest Form and attach copies of the following:
  1. Your unofficial transcripts showing that you are a Child Development major who has completed both CHDV 10 and PSYCH 21 with a "C" grade or better.
  2. Your current course schedule.

      Keep in mind:
    • If you are unsure how to declare/change your major, we can assist you with obtaining and submitting the proper form.
    • If you completed a course comparable to our CHDV 10 or PSYCH 21 at another college, then supply a copy of your unofficial transcript from that institution.
    • If you are currently attending courses at both PCC and another school, then please submit copies of both current schedules.
  3. Submit your completed Interest Form with all attachments to the CDWFI Lounge, CDC 219, or Jennifer you meet the requirements for membership and there is space a link to the LAUP online application.
  4. LAUP will send us confirmation once you have completed all sections of the online application.
  5. The CDWFI team will send an email invitation to attend a CDWFI Program Orientation. At this Orientation you will be given a complete presentation highlighting the program requirements and benefits for members.
  6. Once you attend the Program Orientation, you will be an official member of the PCC CDWFI program.

For questions or to receive additional information about the program contact the CDWFI Coordinator Jennifer Kennedy: PHONE (626) 585-7485, EMAIL, OFFICE CDC 219

Revised: January 2, 2014