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Social Sciences

Dr. Paul C. Price, Associate Dean
Room: C321
Telephone: 626-585-7248

Special Announcement

The Division of Social Sciences is pleased to honor the recipients of this year's Social Sciences Awards and Scholarships. Recipients and their families will be celebrated at the 2015 Social Sciences' Awards Ceremony in the Creveling Lounge.

Social science courses are especially popular with students preparing for careers in education, political science, social work, and law.

The history division courses include prehistoric, Middle Ages, contemporary European, world, and U.S. retrospectives, along with the study of the development of areas such as Africa, Asia, Mexico, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Courses in psychology range from the introductory to adult and child development, behavioral studies, and human sexuality.

Eight philosophy courses are offered, including an introduction to critical thinking.

Religious studies provide a basic understanding of the origins, development, and functions of religions as well as explanations of religious beliefs, rituals, symbols, and values.

Sociology courses include contemporary social problems, modern family living, ethnic and urban studies, and crime and delinquency.

The Social Sciences Department also offers a vocational program which can lead to certification for employment in Early Childhood Education. The department administers the Child Development Center, which is a model demonstration school for early childhood education practices.

Department Hours

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