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Partner Schools - Transfer Pathways

The Teacher Preparation Programs are called Blended programs because the student may simultaneously achieve the Bachelor's Degree and teaching credential upon transfer to the four year institution. (A student may also choose to complete a Bachelor's Degree first and then complete a teaching credential post-baccalaureate.)

A student may transfer to other institutions as well, but the following schools represent those campuses where an established streamlined articulation is in place:

For each of the universities noted, the reference to Traditional Major implies the choice of major(s) most commonly selected by the prospective teacher. However, prospective elementary teachers may pursue other Bachelor Degree options, pass the required CSET (California Subject Exam for Teachers) exam, enter a teacher credential program, and similarly reach their goal of becoming an elementary teacher.

In addition to the Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential, a student may wish to also pursue the Foundational Level Credentials in Math (FLM) and Science (FLGS). The FLM and FLGS Credentials allow a teacher to teach Math and Science typically in 7th - 9th grades without having pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics or Science. These credentials can be added to a Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential or may be earned independently.

Articulation requirements for all partner schools can be found at the Teacher Preparation Office (C350) or Counseling and Career Services, L-104.