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Art History Program

Mission Statement

The art history program serves the needs of Pasadena City College students by offering a range of courses, most fully transferable, in areas of Western and Non-Western art history. Upon successful completion, these courses satisfy the requirements of the Visual Arts and Media Studies core curriculum. Art history courses allow students to satisfy the curriculum and diversity requirements for the associate degree, as well as the transfer requirements for admission to four-year institutions. Additionally, courses in art history allow students to satisfy the requirements of vocational certificate programs offered by various areas within the Visual Arts and Media Studies Division, satisfying student needs to demonstrate professional competency and achieve individual goals.

Student Learning Outcomes
The Art History Program…

  • serves the needs of students seeking to transfer to 4 year institutions.
  • assists students in their pursuit of certificates in specialty areas of art.
  • supports educational diversity through innovative pedagogy and course offerings.
  • teaches art history as an academic discipline, encouraging an understanding of the contribution of art to human cultures, historical and contemporary.


The art history area offers both on-campus and online classes to students inside and outside the Pasadena Area Community College District. A diverse faculty continues to innovate course content, pedagogy, and content delivery in support of the College mission of student success.

The area offers a broad range of classes, in Western and Non-Western areas of art history, taught by an experienced faculty, comprised of both full time and adjunct teachers with specific areas of expertise. Students are well served by the diversity of courses and effective pedagogical approaches offered by our faculty.  The art history area at Pasadena City College has one of the most diverse subject matter rich curriculums of any California Community College.

Thirteen art history courses listed in the PCC Catalog, numbered below 99, correspond to university or senior college lower division courses, while 3 specialty art history courses numbered above 100 may be eligible to be used as electives or general education classes.
These courses include:

Course Number Course Title
Art 1A Survey of the History of Western Art (Prehistoric through the Middle Ages)
Art 1B Survey of the History of Western Art (Renaissance to the present day)
Art 2 History of African and African-American Art
Art 3A History of Asian Art (India and Southeast Asia)
Art 3B History of Asian Art (China, Korea and Japan)
Art 4A History of Ancient Art in the West
Art 4B History of European Medieval Art
Art 4C History of European Renaissance and Baroque Art
Art 4D History of Modern Art in Europe and America
Art 5 Art Fundamentals (A general art appreciation survey with emphasis on diversity)
Art 7 Pre-Columbian Art (Mesoamerica and the Andean region of South America)
Art 8 History of Mexican and Chicano Art
Art 9 History of Islamic Art
Art 104 History of American Art
Art 105 History of Women in the Visual Arts
Art 106 Art Since 1945

See the Catalog for a complete description of all art history courses.This document is a PDF.


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